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Thin transmission belt / rubber

The MEGAFLAT series is...

Thin transmission belt

Developed and engineered by Gates, the LiftPower...

Thin transmission belt

The product of Hong's belt can serve...

Thin transmission belt

The urethane flat belts were derived from the gravity...

Thin transmission belt / polyamide

Habasit releases a comprehensive...

Thin transmission belt / aramid

The TF tangential and flat...

Thin transmission belt / endless

The Synchro-Power® Endless...

Thin transmission belt

All renowned manufacturers of cigarette and filter machines all...

How to choose this product


A flat belt is wider than it is thick and has a rectangular section. This provides a large contact surface. It is often very flexible, silent and able to transmit high speeds (60-100 meters/second) under low torque. It is also about 98% efficient, e.g., in gearing arrangements.


Flat belts are common in many power transmission applications.

How to choose

Choice criteria are the same as for belts in general:
- Torque to be transmitted
- Rotational speed of drive and driven shafts
- Shaft spread
- Available space
- Operational conditions (vibrations, surge, shocks, temperature, humidity, dirt, etc.)


- Large contact surface
- Silent and very flexible
- High-speed operation
- Efficient


- Limited torque capability

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