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thread milling cutter / with internal coolant - TC610, TC611

Walter Prototyp Setting new standards for thread mills with the Supreme line.


thread milling cutter - TMC

The Walter Prototyp TMC is a carbide thread mill combining both a thread milling and countersinking tool that has a concentricity of less than 10 μm.


thread milling cutter - TMO

The Walter Prototyp TMO orbital thread mills are made to be compatible with 2 x d and 3 x d threads that do not require cooling. It is equipped with a special helical curve, and its threads...

thread milling cutter -

The OSG offers this thread milling cutter series Vol.7 that has been developed for utilization with...

thread milling cutter - ø 2 - 20 mm | JEL® MGF

With the Jel® string processing cutter MGF, stand out instrument is obliged to machine the 90° chamfer and the string. These winding fluted instruments emerge for their extremely smooth running and low parallel powers....

thread milling cutter - ø 3 - 16 mm | JEL® MGF XH

The JEL MGF XH threads are used for direct thread milling into a hardened material and is characterized by its sophisticated re-machining avoiding hardening distortion....

thread milling cutter - ø 1 - 2.5 mm | JEL®  MGF XH Micro

Komet JEL® MGF XH Micro allows making of threads into already hardened parts such as aviation parts, implants, etc. With this, complicated remachining caused by hardening distortion is prevented. It provides improved stability...

thread milling cutter - ø 4 - 20 mm | JEL® MGF XS

The JEL® Thread milling cutter XS are manufactured for steel applications incurring a maximum 900...

thread milling cutter / carbide - ø 4 - 16 mm | JEL® UMGF

The JEL® is the Komet's thread milling cutter that is made for various thread lengths with a single tool as it contains face and shank side chamfer. Its diameter ranges...

thread milling cutter / indexable insert - ø 17 - 80 mm

The Seco Threadmills has wide array of durable and high grade range of tool holders suitable for both O.D and I.D thread making operations. Shell mill verions are...

thread milling cutter / carbide - Epoch D

Hitachi's Epoch D thread mill is a drilling and threading tool in one that...

thread milling cutter - CoroMill 327

The CoroMill® 327 is an extremely adaptable cutter ideal for use with multiple types of grooves, threads and chamfers. The 327 is also suitable for use in machining eccentric components...

thread milling cutter - ø 17.7 mm | M311 series

The Paul Horn Thread Milling is a milling tool capable of exhibiting high cylindricity...

thread milling cutter - TM, TMS series

Th TM25™ thread milling device belongs to a range of tapered and TMS parallel mills that...

thread milling cutter - CoroMill® Plura

When it comes to threading, it is essential to choose the correct tool and application...

thread milling cutter - CoroMill 327

The CoroMill 327 are groove and thread milling cutters that are tasked to provide a wide range of machining functions especially...

thread milling cutter / carbide - MMTM

The MMTM is manufactured by NS Tool, and is a mugen coating M-thread mill that creates a high...

thread milling cutter / drill - ø 0.066 - 1.08 mm | MMTS

The MMTS Series of Thread Milling Cutter/Drill, manufactured by NS TOOL, is designed...

thread milling cutter - M1 - M3 | MMTM

The MMTM has manufactured highly efficient thread milling components, supported...

thread milling cutter - M1 - M3 | MMTM

Sau manufactures a number of components, which includes thread cutting tools. The...

thread milling cutter - M1 - M3 | MMTM

The Thread Mill is capable of being used directly with an HF spindle. The thread...

thread milling cutter - M1 - M3 | MMTM

This thread milling cutter with replaceable insert is developed by Arno. It...

thread milling cutter / carbide - CL28MFHM, CL29MFHM

The thread milling cutter employs an updated cutting geometry. Through this technology, the cutter can be used at an angle of 360° in the machining of threads. The drills are designed to work in all conditions.


thread milling cutter / drill - T2, T4

Suitable for universal use with almost all common materials. The vanadium-alloy HSS with TiN coating lends the tools extremely high edge strength and ensures...

thread milling cutter / drill - M3 - M12

Taylor tool continues to be the premier manufacturer of special taps for various renowned industries around the globe. We can manufacture and supply many diverse thread...

thread milling cutter / drill - M3 - M12

Carmex Presents new members of the Mill Thread product line.
Toolholders and extensions are...

thread milling cutter - CMT

Carmex presents a new family of vertical thread milling indexable inserts and toolholders to perform a wide variety of threads:...

thread milling cutter - CMT

Carmex Mill-Thread line of Inserts and Tool Holders is recognized worldwide for its full range of high quality inserts and tool holders answering to all the common thread standards and more.

Carmex system design is the most popular being produced also by most of the other thread milling tools manufacturers, thus, interchangeable, an advantage for the customers.


thread milling cutter - spiral

The spiral designed tools enable a smooth cutting operation at a high feed rate and reduced machining time.
The tools suit a wide range of applications,...

thread milling cutter - D - Thread

Mill Thread Inserts & Toolholders for machining deep threads.
Improved productivity due to multi-insert toolholders.

thread milling cutter - M1.6 - M6 | DIXI 7908

Todays modern CNC machines with 3 axis simultaneous movement enable us to use thread milling tools for the manufacture of internal...

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