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Machining dimensionally0precise internal and external threads is possible with this product line. The full and partial profile versions...

machine tool threading tool - ø 0.72 - 25 mm | SOLIDTHREAD

Iscar presents Solid Thread for threading.

Related to the cutting diameter, it has more flutes. Cutting forces are lowered by spiral flutes. It has sharp helical ground cutting edges....

indexing threading tool / insert - ø 9.5 - 50 mm | MILLTHREAD MTSR

The Millthread is a threading tool manufactured by Iscar. Its key features include a dovetail pocket architecture that allows the absorption of high cutting forces...

insert threading tool / indexing - ø 23 - 63 mm | MILLTHREAD MTSRH

The only eventual solution for extremely fast and competent thread milling is using the MILLTHREAD MTSRH with extended helical indexable inserts. Its...

machine tool threading tool - MSS - TC

MSS - TC threading system provides excellent accessibility and easy application than...

machine tool threading tool - MSS - TC

The T-Max U-Lock is a threading system that covers a wide range of thread pitches and styles used for external and internal operations. It has both left and right hand versions. The...

machine tool threading tool - MSS - TC

Ultra Rigid Threading with CoroThread® 266
CoroThread 266 is the new threading concept for all types of threads. Designed with an iLock interface to combat extreme forces placed upon the insert during threading operations, this tool guarantees excellent...

Swiss lathe threading tool - CoroMill 325

When it comes to medical bone screws, these are more and more used in the industry, as well as implants and various other micro-components. The CoroMill 325 thread-whirling inserts and holders are designed...

rigid threading tool - CoroThread 266

Built with a user-friendly iLock interface, the CoroThread 266 is capable of operating on a variety of threads....

machine tool threading tool - T-Max U-Lock

The T-Max U-Lock provides an internal threading applications for its 12 mm (0.472 inch) minimum hole size. It is practically designed...

Swiss lathe threading tool - ø 12 - 14 mm | M302 series

This tool system is utilized for making special threads on lathes. For all common interfaces, standard...

insert threading tool / indexing - Snap-Tap

The Thread Turning - Anti-Twist Toolholders, manufactured by Seco, has an Anti Twist insert locking system that provides outstanding and fixed insert clenching. Moreover,...

insert threading tool / indexing - CoroThread 266

CoroThread® 266 is designed with an iLock interface to combat the extreme forces placed upon the insert in the threading operations. The tool guarantees excellent insert stability for ultimate accuracy, surface finish and product consistency.



Swiss lathe threading tool - CoroMill 325

The CoroMill® 325 thread whirling inserts and holders from Sandvik Coromant are designed with durable stainless steel and titanium. Its chip control provides easy manipulation...

machine tool threading tool - T-Max U-Lock

The CoroThread 266 rigid indexable insert threading system is complemented by the T-Max U-Lock. A specialized solution is provided for 11 mm (0.433 inch) internal threading applications....

insert threading tool / indexing - Top Notch™, LT series

The Laydown Triangle Threading, and the Top Notch, are metalworking tools that are manufactured...

insert threading tool / indexing - Top Notch™, LT series

Rigid threading tools are specially designed for flexible usage...

insert threading tool / indexing - Top Notch™, LT series

The product image depicts the tools that are used for external threading SER/L and...

insert threading tool / indexing - Top Notch™, LT series

The Thread Turning unit is specifically designed to provide a god quality performance and functionality....

external threading tool - ISO9001 | WR9510101207004

The PCD model, and the PCBN model are manufactured by Worldia, and are external threading components that features a wide variety of characteristics....

interior threading tool - ISO9001 | NR95951020D2012016309004

Worldia's PCD and PCBN Internal Threading tools sport comprehensive levels of hardness, abrasion, and thermal conductivity. They guarantee...

threading tool - M0.8 - M10 | DIXI 1730

Vargus, a pioneer in its field, developed the Vardex indexable laydown thread...

machine tool threading tool - MMT series

Mitsubishi Miracle Threading (MMT) series. 297 inserts and 26 holders.

ISO metric external thread...

insert threading tool / indexing - T series

The WhizThread inserts and toolholders are designed to give the insert the most stable position. The resulting clamping force is diagonally...

indexing threading tool / insert - C series

The WhizIn Tool holder

As the boring bar is mounted in a 2° angle in the toolholder, a natural incline...

machine tool threading tool - T-Thread


High Profile Accuracy
Every insert has an indexable accuracy of 0.015mm guaranteed.

Cost Advantage

indexing threading tool / insert - TS-Thread

Thread milling in one pass
Short machining time
Thread diameter accuracy adjustment

indexing threading tool / insert - TS-Thread

The new developed WTO thread whirling unit sets new benchmarks in operating convenience. In comparison to existing thread whirling unit designs the WTO new quick tool changing system enables to change the cutting holder from the backside...

indexing threading tool / insert - QuadCut®

Small and long parts with high demands on roundness can be quite a challenge to
produce. The turning of such parts, especially parts with complex design, can often be

external threading tool - QuadCut®

QuadCut offers exceptional strength, accuracy, and flexibility to your external and internal thread turning operations....

interior threading tool / indexing / insert - QuadCut®

QuadCut Internal offers exceptional strength, accuracy, and flexibility...

indexing threading tool / insert - QuadCutOff®

The tool are made of speed steel and used for parting...

interior threading tool - TwinCut

The TwinCut system is suited for applications where larger pitches is required but where the...

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