ball nose milling cutter / solid / form / for stainless steel
ball nose milling cutter
CVD series

Diameter : 2 mm - 12 mm
Length: 50 mm - 107 mm

The product range includes milling tools for steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, graphite, 3D-machining, special forms and modular NovoSys X® milling ...

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shell-end milling cutter / insert / face / for titanium
shell-end milling cutter
GRC 6000

... with 30 degree positive button inserts for stainless steels,heat resistant alloys,titanium based alloys, and other difficult to cut materials.Capable of plunge cutting up to 4mm and available with edge ...

solid milling cutter / finishing / for titanium / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter
Smart Miracle series

Diameter : 1 mm - 25 mm
Rotational speed: 480 rpm - 40,000 rpm

... better machined surfaces, reduced cutting resistance and improved chip discharge. This is the next generation of coated end mills that delivers long tool life and is the first choice when machining stainless ...

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solid milling cutter / roughing / for steel / for titanium
solid milling cutter
6644 series

Diameter : 6 mm - 20 mm
Length: 57 mm - 104 mm

shell-end milling cutter / solid carbide / insert / roughing
shell-end milling cutter
AMC series

Diameter : 63 mm
Length: 64 mm - 90 mm

AMC SHELL MILL FOR ROUGHING RECOMMENDED INSERT: APKT16 Used for machining deep holes,high efficiency

ball nose milling cutter / solid / for stainless steel / for titanium
ball nose milling cutter
XXB504 series

Diameter : 4 mm - 12 mm
Length: 70 mm - 110 mm

... patented design decrease chatter and resonance. - Strengthened cutting edge geometry designed for excellent performance on high-temp alloys, high tensile stainless steel, inconel and titanium.

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solid carbide milling cutter / thread / coated / for stainless steel
solid carbide milling cutter

... Ideal for machining titanium, surgical stainless steel and hardened materials. Designed specifically for dental implants. To work with medium and high speed machining. Very fine-grained carbide coated ...

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shell-end milling cutter / solid / roughing / HSS
shell-end milling cutter
955 series

Diameter : 2.5 in - 4 in

ROUGHING SHELL MILL FOR TITANIUM Maximum metal removal rates at high feeds Increased toughness in deep cuts longer tool life

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Minicut International
deburring milling cutter / HSS / for titanium / with cylindrical shank
deburring milling cutter

solid milling cutter / roughing / slot / finishing
solid milling cutter
ELITE Series

Diameter : 0.12 in - 1.25 in
Length: 1.5 in - 6 in

This product line is ideally used for processes that are concerned with tainless Steel, Titanium and High Temperature Alloys. The S335 is a 3 Flute 35° Helical unit, the SB335 3 Flute 35° Helix Ball-End unit, the S545 ...

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Niagara Cutter
roughing milling cutter / finishing / tungsten carbide / coated
roughing milling cutter
2.CMC30.A series

Diameter : 0.3 mm - 6 mm
Length: 40, 38, 50, 60 mm

... in the milling of stainless steel, titanium, chromium-cobalt-alloys and superalloys. The newly designed roughing and finishing cutter improves current results many times over and in ...

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solid milling cutter / coated / for titanium / 4-flute
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 0.75 in
Rotational speed: 80 rpm - 2,000 rpm

... is a 4-flute dovetail milling cutter developed by Raptor Workholding Products. It is specifically designed to cater applications that include preparing of work pieces for the Raptor dovetail system. ...

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Raptor Workholding Products
solid milling cutter / roughing / tungsten carbide / for titanium
solid milling cutter
XF-802 series

Diameter : 0.75 in - 1 in

... is a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications. It is distinguished from the drill bit, in its application, geometry, and manufacture. ...

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RobbJack Corporation
solid milling cutter / HSS-E / for titanium / 4-flute
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 6 mm - 20 mm

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solid milling cutter / finishing / for titanium / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter
117, 017 series

Diameter : 6 mm - 20 mm
Rotational speed: 640 rpm - 5,310 rpm

shell-end milling cutter / solid / roughing / for titanium
shell-end milling cutter

... special roughers, finishers, roughing finishers, T-slot cutters and Woodruff keyway cutters in small, medium and high volumes. Special end mills find their application in the machining ...

solid milling cutter / for titanium / 4-flute / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter
DIN 844

Diameter : 6 mm - 20 mm

... for materials Tool steels low alloyed Tool steels high alloyed Tool and treated steels Cast iron Chrome-nickel alloys Titanium, titanium alloys

burr / roughing / finishing / for steel
Carbide Tools

Diameter : 2 mm - 16 mm
Length: 35 mm - 70 mm

... service life, thanks to the use of selected carbides* High cutting capacity * Very good chip removal * Reduced build-up of chips due to special grinding * Very soft cut due to optimal cutting geometry * ...