linear guide with recirculating ball carriage / aluminum / track
linear guide with recirculating ball carriage

Rail length: 47, 94 in

Aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages provide movement, guidance, or positioning for screens, panels, partitions, or other components. Linear Motion Track System. Load ...

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roller linear guide / stainless steel / for heavy loads / track
roller linear guide
GU series

Rail width: 28 mm - 50 mm
Rail length: 0 mm - 6,000 mm
Load: 3,881 N - 7,430 N

... longitudinal slot, made with + 0.05 tolerance, permits using reference elements SAG for guide positioning.RAILS FINISHING• Drawn, induction hardened and sandblasted tracks (MT)• Drawn, induction hardened ...

ball linear guide / steel / track
ball linear guide

Rail width: 25 mm - 86 mm
Rail length: 105 mm - 320 mm

IKO's C-Lube Linear Way MUL is part of the company's line of linear motion rolling guides. The MUL rolling guide features a U-shaped track ...

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IKO Nippon Thompson Europe
roller linear guide / for heavy loads / track
roller linear guide
SBI series

Circular-Arc raceway structure achieves the high rigidity and large permissible load. Four row circular arc groove with 2 points contact creates the same load in all directions. DF structure maintains low instrumental errors. Low factional ...

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SBC Linear
ball linear guide / steel / profiled rail
ball linear guide

Rail width: 7 mm - 45 mm

The compact design of Nook runner blocks offers greater design flexibility and several methods of mounting compared to other linear guidance systems. Special retainers and recirculation tubes prevent balls from escaping ...

slide linear guide / miniature / precision / stainless steel
slide linear guide
RST12M-V0-H series

Rail width: 12 mm
Rail length: 50 mm - 100 mm

The Miniature Stroke Slide serves as a substitute to linear guides, for applications requiring short stroke length. It provides maximum load and moment capacity, as well as precision. ...

slide linear guide / miniature / track
slide linear guide
SPS series

The SPS series small size makes it the ideal slide for getting into those tight spaces.

roller linear guide / steel / track
roller linear guide
405 series

... These rollers, on steel axles, are available as standard or as flanged rollers. The roller track frame is cold formed zinc plated steel, 0.75 mm thick. The roller separation distances ...

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BS Rollen GmbH
ball linear guide / steel / square rail
ball linear guide

... building easier and quicker with the addition of ready made locating rails. Mill a slot in the fixture plate to locate the rail and drill and tap the mounting holes. The height of the rails can be adjusted by the depth ...

round rail linear guide
round rail linear guide

Rail width: 6.29 mm - 18.83 mm
Rail length: 150 mm - 920 mm

Round rail with integral bushing for light load, low cost, minimum frictional drag and long wear life applications

ball linear guide / stainless steel / silent / track
ball linear guide
BC series

Rail width: 20 mm - 63 mm
Rail length: 87 mm - 223 mm

Cage inside. High speed, low noise Free Lubricant, long service life. Heavy load capacity, high rigidity. Equal load capacity in four directions.

roller linear guide / aluminum / compact / track
roller linear guide

Rail length: 0'00" ft - 12'00"

... components. This linear guide system incorporates three standard v-groove guide rollers fixed to a narrow carriage plate. The mating rail incorporates two sections of ...

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Modern Linear
skate wheel linear guide / high moving speeds / aluminum / track
skate wheel linear guide

Rail width: 38 mm

YITONG IDS (Inlay Dual Shafts Guide System) consists of sliding carriage and rails. The rails include an aluminum body and two pieces high precision﹑hardened linear shafts that are inlaid into the aluminum ...

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roller linear guide / high moving speeds / round rail
roller linear guide

JET Rail Roller Blocks™ There is no standard off-the-shelf direct drop-in replacement for all open single and twin linear ball bearing pillow blocks. Jet Rail's open architecture and ...

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LM76 Linear Motion Bearings
slide linear guide / profiled rail
slide linear guide

These profiled rail linear guides are developed by OILES Deutschland GmbH. They come with an S45C guide rail which is plated with hard chrome to provide corrosion resistance. ...

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OILES Deutschland GmbH
roller linear guide / plastic / profiled rail
roller linear guide
LA series

LAX series The new rails (LAX series) and its roller slider (PAX series) are made completely in stainless steel. They are designed for general light load applications, where high resistance against corrosion is required; ...

air bearing linear guide / profiled rail
air bearing linear guide
U series

... composed of air bearing rail guides developed by OAV. They are manufactured from Aircraft Quality lightweight Materials. The units in this series is equipped with an air supply port which delivers highly ...

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OAV Air Bearings