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control transformer / power - 1 - 10 kVA | SolaHD HSZ series

The HSZ Series transformers were designed...

control transformer - max. 1 kVA | SolaHD SBE series

The SBE encapsulated industrial control transformers are able to seal the transformer windings against dirt,...

control transformer - 1 - 5 kVA | SolaHD SMT series

The SMT Series is compact and economical. It has a traditional open-wound design with varnished...

isolation transformer / dry - 7.5 - 440 kVA | SolaHD

Drive isolation technologies help keep variable frequency drives and other sensitive electronic equipment performing precisely, while reducing stress...

electrical power supply transformer - 0.05 - 7.5 kVA, 12 - 48 V | SolaHD Buck-Boost

You are looking at transformers that are energy efficient and, in addition to this, are able to provide low cost means of operation and installation, which...

electrical power supply transformer - 36 - 1 000 W

In cases where the process or control voltage does not match the main voltage, it is necessary to use a power pack...

current transformer - 600 V | 1411 series

The Bulletin 1411 Current Transformers are transformers for low voltage requirements (600V AC)....

current transformer - 600 V | 1411 series

There are a lot of brands out there. But there are very few who can brag about quality. One of them is Rockwell Automation. The Rockwell Automation Transformers are...

electrical power supply transformer / DC / AC - 1497 series

Specifically designed to control circuits by reducing supply voltages, the Global Control Circuit Transformers are manufactured to provide great...

electrical power supply transformer / DC / AC - 1497 series

CT40/50 current transformer with split core enclosure obtains power output on 4-20 mA, while the CT60/70 true RMS allows...

current transformer - CE, RoHS, CA/US UL Listed | SCT Series

Made by Dwyer, these Series SCT Current Transformers have a split core and relay output. The former mechanism facilitates an easy installation of this transformer on new or preexisting...

DIN rail transformer - 230 / 19 V AC | Z-POWER

The Z-Power series from Seneca is a Vac transformer with a primary voltage of 230 V ±10% and a secondary...

current transformer - SPCT series

Rated primary rating : 75A to 1200A
Rated secondary output : 5A
Rated burden : 1.5AV – 15VA
Class of accuracy...

current transformer - 5 - 5 000 A

SOCOMEC current transformers provide a standard current to the secondary proportional to the primary current, which is adapted to the related device's rating. Standard version features...

security transformer / earth-leakage / differential / toroidal - 800 V

Core balance transformers protects or signals resources such as earth leakage protection relays. this transformer or toroid proposed by SOCOMEC meet requirements...

single-phase transformer - 50 V | TRANSF series

The Safety Transformer is an isolating transformer intended for supplying a circuit at a maximum 50 V with safety extra low voltage. Insulating transformer has primary and secondary...

isolation transformer - RKG/SKG

Hillesheim's RKG/SKG Safety Transformer is a standard toroidal-core current transformer. Utilized for working...

isolation transformer - RKG/SKG

CT-5MRN series current transformer is a meter relay gear that features an extended...

impedance transformer - 50 - 75  Ω

Pasternacks matching pads are passive coaxial components that allow impedance matching between 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm systems without introducing a lot of reflection to...

impedance transformer - 50 - 75  Ω

The Jacob low-voltage instrument transformer operates with constant and filtered task execution,...

current transformer / DIN rail - max. 40 A | WSW 60

The WSW series baffle-type current transformer is specifically designed to carry out 40 A electric...

current transformer / DIN rail - max. 50 - 1 500 A | DSW series

The DSW SERIES features sealable terminal covers and features a bar-type current transformer. The...

electrical power supply transformer / AC / DC - RNG/DRNG

The Power Supplies for DC voltage have Units in overall endorsed innovation supply DC-voltage...

current transformer - max. 200 A | PGC-2000 series

The PGC-2056, which is manufactured by Littelfuse, is a current transformer that is an essential device to use in the...

current transformer / differential - max. 5 A | PGC-3000 series

Used as ground-fault current detectors, the PGC-3026 - PGC-3000 Series of sensitive current transformers (CTs) have become vital components...

current transformer / protection - max. 30 A | PGC-5000 series

PGC Current Transformers (CTs) have been specifically engineered to deliver precise results in low ground fault conditions. They are vital members of the POWR-GARD...

sizing transformer / current - CT 80II

CT 80II, a much smaller and lighter current transformer, developed by Fanox, reaches up to 1800 A of primary current and has a transformers ratio of 1200/5. The product includes a sealable connection terminal box,...

security transformer / earth-leakage / toroidal / differential - CT-1 / CTD-1 series

Toroidal transformers - CT-1 and CTD-1

To be used with...

current transformer - TCC / TCCN

The TCC/TCCN current transformer can be fixed directly to a cable with screws, or to either a DIN rail or wall by an accessory. With this double terminal entry design, short circuit links can be fitted in the event that the...

current transformer - TCM

This product is developed to fix systems. It can either be place into walls, DIN rail by an accessory provided with the C.T. or be place directly to cable by screws also provided with the C.T.. In measuring transformers,...

current transformer - TCB

The TCB's different characteristics are fixing system: to wall, to cable/passing bar or to DIN rail by accessories supplied with the CT, Measuring Transformers: the short circuit on terminals or the connection...

current transformer / openable - TCB-A

The TCB-A is a series of current transformers that are specially made for applications that involve power...

current transformer / compact - TT / TTA

Precise measurement of all the electrical parameters comes the variation of instruments from the series EMM and EMC that has been upgraded...

current transformer / compact - TT / TTA

The range of isolation transformer and auto transformers are essential equipment specifically in professional marine energy...

current transformer - CT series

The CT Series Current Transformers from Marsh-Bellofram is carefully structured for insulated windigns. It is an inserted primary type with secondary toroidally wound around the oriented electrical steel...

current transformer - CT series

The Cable or Bar primary Current Transformers Series MS200 features thermoplastic UL94 Vo...


How to choose this product


A transformer is an electrical component designed to convert voltage and alternating amperage values into higher or lower voltage and alternating amperage values.


Transformer applications are numerous. They are found in power distribution networks, AC/DC converters and device power supplies, as well as in electronic circuits, where they transform signals or isolate circuit parts.


A transformer is composed of primary and secondary windings with different numbers of turns, each constituting a solenoid. These coils are magnetically coupled by the transformer's shell, or iron core.

How to choose

The desired transformation ratio determines the choice of model. The transferred energy quantities between the primary and secondary coils figure in choice of transformer size. The nature of the primary current (single-phase, three-phase) also helps in determining the appropriate transformer.


- Excellent efficiency


- Heavy
- Bulky
- Generates heat

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