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microscope / transmission electron / TEM / for biomedical applications - 120 kV | HT7700

HT7700 120kV bio-medical TEM has monitor fixture with high contrast resolution for easy and stress free monitoring. It also has lower electron dose for reduced beam damage....

TEM microscope / transmission electron - JEM-1000

Jeol's JEM 1000, the ultra high voltage transmission electron microscope that has an accelerating voltage of 1000 kV and are used in universities and research institutes across the globe. Thanks to the high accelerating voltage, the wavelength of the electrons...

TEM microscope / transmission electron - max. ø 3 mm | JEM-ARM200F

JEM-ARM200F is an Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope that includes the world's highest level STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm in conjunction with a STEM Cs corrector incorporated as standard. It offers the world's highest...

TEM microscope / transmission electron - JEM-2200FS

The JEM 2200FS by Jeol, which is a state of the art analytical electron microscope, comes with a 200 kV FEG or field emission gun and the omega in column energy filter that permits a zero loss image where the inelastic electrons...

TEM microscope / transmission electron - JEM-2100F

Jeol JEM-2100F is a multipurpose 200 kV field emission, FE, analytical electron microscope. Several versions are available to suit specific needs.


TEM microscope / transmission electron - JEM-2100

The JEM-2100 serves as a multipurpose, 200 kV analytical electron microscope adopted with various versions to suit the user's purposes. The JEM-2100, incorporates an integrated PC system for diverse functions with excellent cost performance, providing vast support to the...

TEM microscope / transmission electron - 2.5 nm | LVEM 5

The LVEM 5 is a type of transmission electron microscope (TEM). The microscope has a small bench top which...

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