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video Hitachi High-Technologies Europe 120 kV | HT7700
TEM for biomedical applications 120 kV | HT7700 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

The revolutionary new-style HT7700 120 kV bio-medical TEM from Hitachi is set to make life much easier for microscopists. HT7700 features 100% integration of all functions into the graphical user interface....

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe 200 kV | HD-2700
Analytical field emission scanning FASTEM 200 kV | HD-2700 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

The HD-2700 is the top-of-the-range STEM, featuring optional spherical aberration correction (developed in collaboration with CEOS GmbH) to offer significantly improved resolution and analytical sensitivity....

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe 300 kV | HF-3300
Holography field emission scanning FASTEM 300 kV | HF-3300 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

The HF-3300 is an advanced 300kV TEM/STEM that complements Hitachis wide range of high-end material science instruments. The HF-3300 features cold field emission gun (CFEG) technology which delivers superior...

8 products Jeol
Jeol JEM-1000
TEM JEM-1000 Jeol

JEM-1000 is the ultra-high voltage (accelerating voltage: 1,000 kV) transmission electron microscope among those used in universities and research institutes worldwide. High resolution capability Since...

Jeol JEM-3200FS
Analytical field emission scanning FASTEM JEM-3200FS Jeol

The JEM-3200FS Field Emission Electron Microscope is equipped with a field emission electron gun of 300 kV accelerating voltage and an in-column energy filter which shows high performance. This electron...

Jeol max. ø 3 mm | JEM-ARM200F
TEM max. ø 3 mm | JEM-ARM200F Jeol

JEM-ARM200F is an Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope, which boasts the world’s highest level STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm with a STEM Cs corrector incorporated as standard. The world’s...

Jeol JEM-2200FS
TEM JEM-2200FS Jeol

The JEM-2200FS, a state-of-the art analytical electron microscope, is equipped with a 200kV field emission gun (FEG) and the in-column energy filter (Omega filter) that allows a zero-loss image, where...

Jeol JEM-2100F
TEM JEM-2100F Jeol

The JEM-2100F is a multipurpose, 200 kV FE (Field Emission) analytical electron microscope. Variety of versions is provided to adapt user’s purposes. The FE electron...

Jeol JEM-2100
TEM JEM-2100 Jeol

The JEM-2100 is a multipurpose, 200 kV analytical electron microscope. Variety of versions is provided to adapt user’s purposes. The JEM-2100, which incorporates an integrated PC system for various...

new video Cordouan Technologies 2.5 nm | LVEM 5
TEM 2.5 nm | LVEM 5 Cordouan Technologies

The LVEM5 is a compact benchtop instrument that combines high resolution imaging with the small footprint...

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