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Trimming machines
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With suitable working units and dies, the trimming and forming machine model VBU 1600 can perform a wide range of machining on circular and polygonal flat or drawn sheet metal parts, in particular: trimming, flanging, turning, curling, beading, threading for deformation and seaming of covers. The main strong points of LUCAS trimming machines are:
fast and simple to...

The VBU 2200 is a beading machine manufactured by Lucas. The device is used for circular and polygonal pieces of up to 1,600-mm in diameter. It comes complete with a hydraulic unit for control...


Automatic trimming line for natural stone slabs This line is engineered to offer high-speed machining and to be incorporated into a polishing line and is designed to work at the same speed as the polishing machines. Both longitudinal...


Aurel Automation's ALS300GM Ohmical Laser Trimming Systems with Galvo Heads feature automatic magazine loading and unloading functions, and built-in repeat tables. They exhibit power rates...


The machines, all of them developed and built by GEISS, are worldwide market leaders with regard to technology, quality and performance. They are designed in accordance with the parametric principle: all machines can be exactly adapted to your special requirements.

The machine is equipped with an open machine table. The open table bars are spaced at 500 mm inside the machine housing on which the jig can be placed. Each bar features a row of D10 drill holes alternated with thread holes M12 spaced at 50 mm...


LTT-250 is a workstation based on CO2 TEA laser with turbo optics in the 9µm band for efficient stripping/patterning...


Automatic processing of loosecomponents Taped components processed with tape feed attachment
An optional vibrating bowi automatically feeds components to the tool. Changeover of tooling is fast and easy with snap-in dies. No screws or tools...

Manual Version
The EBSOMAT 300 is specially designed for efficient processing of taped components. Even with manual Operation 10.000 pieces per hour can be processed.

- cutting length directly and easy to adjust
- drive with hand crank, or electronic motor (option)


The Model 4990 offers capabilities that far exceed other laser trimmers on the market.

This system has the unique ability to perform precise laser trimming of circuits

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