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Die makers you need prepared presses to try and test the dies being manufactured in a factory, in order to satisfy customers' requests. Fagor Arrasate offers...


The tryout centers in this series of products offer the highest flexibility degree when it comes to die manufacturing facilities and stamping plants. In addition to this, the centers...

The Hydraulic Tryout Presses are designed for testing die spotting or die start-up prior to mass production. These presses...

Mechanical tryout presses are known for being able to create an exact mechanical production line duplication. In addition to this, there are various resilience and deflection characteristics...


Designed and produced for die-mold and parts try-out
Special device for checking deformation...


Lauffer Pressen manufactures a wide variety of tool tryout presses that are ideal for use in a wide variety...


Increasing variety of models, small batches and shorter production cycles in the automotive industry are demanding a large number of new dies. Our series...


Hydraulic Press for Try Out that provide greater accuracy, the lower sliding...


The Bliss Bret's tryout presses are specifically made for quick and effective die tryout. Particular attention was given to protect the equipment against abrasive projections from...


Presses for spotting and try out of dies are built with large adjustable guideways...


Try out press for testing any kind of dies

Try out press for testing any kind of dies

Try out press for testing any kind of dies


Neff double-sided presses

Tailor-made down to the last detail
Our double-sided presses, also known as frame...

Neff column presses

Flexibility in all...

Our column presses are generally configured...


Used for mold spotting and tryout by a leading automotive company
69" x 93" ram & bed with 1" thick ribs
96" stroke Parker Cylinders
Ram speeds: 0-154 IPM approach; 0-38 IPM pressing; 0-149 IPM return
Hydraulic power system...

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