finned tube heat exchanger / air/air
finned tube heat exchanger
TE series

Power: 35, 70 W

TE series air-air exchangers The air-air heat exchangers, exploiting the principle of heat conductivity of a finned aluminium assembly, is design to remove heat ...

PFA heat exchanger / tubular / liquid/liquid / high-performance
PFA heat exchanger
HPX1 Series

Temperature: 0 °C - 260 °C

The HPX1 Series PFA Submersible Heat Exchanger enables precise temperature control of process chemicals and water in semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications. It can be mounted inside of the tank, ...

finned tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / aluminum
finned tube heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 2,000 psi
Temperature: 500 °F

Air-cooled heat exchangers from JOHN CRANE are used when there is no water, or when the heat removal needed would require an air-cooled heat exchanger. ...

tubular heat exchanger / air/air
tubular heat exchanger
EnRec 3

EnRec 3 Air to Air heat exchanger Modular design, adapted to the exhaust air volume.

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multi-tube heat exchanger / air/water / stainless steel / for wastewater
multi-tube heat exchanger

... manufactured by HUBER is a heat exchanger system that has been developed to provide efficient, and reliable quality performance. Its compact, minimal area, and modular design has a casing constructed ...

tube-tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / for the food industry
tube-tube heat exchanger
ST series

Power: 3,700, 2,500 W

The tube-in-tube exchanger, known in the wine and food sectors, comes finally to the oil sector too. The results obtained until now are very positive. In order to reach the highest quality, it is very important to get ...

tubular heat exchanger / gas/gas
tubular heat exchanger
CNF, CN, CF, SV Series

Temperature: 194 °C

CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series heat exchangers are sized and designed to meet a large range of system requirements, and include all connections for accessories. In the gas pressure reduction process according ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / air/water
shell and tube heat exchanger

Temperature: 180 °C

"Heat exchanger for energy recovery from the flues. Exhaust fumes = Free energy The “ECONOMIZER” heat exchanger patented by CORAL, allows to recover the heat ...

tubular heat exchanger / air/water
tubular heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are used for heating sludge before its recirculation into anaerobic digesters. The basic heat exchanger is a pair of concentric tubes; sludge flows through ...