Ultra cryostat circulators

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Ultra cryostats
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The JULABO Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators are utilized for heating and cooling applications. They are ideal for external temperature tasks and feature 2-stage cascade-cooling plus a visual liquid level display.

Short heat-up and cool-down times...

JULABO Ultra-low Refrigerated Circulator with 2-stage cascade-cooling for heating and cooling proves suitable for external temperature tasks. The system is equipped with powerful circulating pump systems and high heating and cooling capacities...

JULABO FP89-ME ultra-low refrigerated circulator for heating and cooling features a 2-stage cascade-cooling. It is useful for external temperature activities.

Short times of heat-up and cool-down are assured by the high-performance circulating pump systems...

The F81-HL from Julabo is a Refrigerated - Heating Circulator that has integrated an external Pt100 sensor connection to control and measure. It has a compact housing that measures 50 x...

JULABO's FP89-HL, High Tech series consists of 2-stage cascade-cooling ultra-low refrigerated circulators that have a working temperature range of -90 degrees centigrade to +100...

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