Ultrasonic distance sensors

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Distance sensors
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ultrasonic distance sensor - UN

UN Series Ultrasonic Sensors



ultrasonic distance sensor - KURT

The great advantage of ultrasonic sensors is their independency of the surfaces' characteristics. Ultrasonic sensors from Pulsotronic work with an ultrasonic transducer for sending and receiving sound waves.


ultrasonic distance sensor - 6 in. - 20 ft. | Cricket™

SensComp CRICKET-A electrostatic ultrasonic...

ultrasonic distance sensor - P41 series

In this series the analogue and the switching outputs are programmed...

ultrasonic distance sensor - P42-T/A series

The series P42-T/A sensors, all of which have an analogue 0-10V / 4-20mA output and two switching outputs, are...

ultrasonic distance sensor - P43 series

In this series the analogue and the switching outputs are programmed by...

ultrasonic distance sensor / with digital display - P42-M series

The series P42-M sensors consist of an external sensor head and an evaluation unit, which drives the head and evaluates...

ultrasonic distance sensor - P44 series

In this series the analogue and the switching outputs are programmed...

ultrasonic distance sensor / analog - 1 - 6 m | USA Series

Analog Output Ultrasonic Sensors with ranges from 1M to 6M. Devices are typically used for distance or level metering of large surface...

ultrasonic distance sensor / analog - 60 - 250 mm | US-S25AN

Analog Ultrasonic Sensor Output, is proportional to range, and linear in scope. Relatively narrow active area (+10mm) will...

ultrasonic distance sensor - 8 - 32 in. | Ramsey™ Grad-Line

The sonic sensor is an excellent tool that can also be used for auger control. The design provides added flexibility which allows paving crews to maintain a spare sensor for the entire paver. They can also...

ultrasonic distance sensor - max. 6 000 mm | HLS 500

The HYDAC HLS 528 distance sensor is a non-contact yet a high compact sensor for measuring the distance to fluids and objects in a non-pressure...

ultrasonic distance sensor - NR, PP series

The PP series by Merobel is an Ultrasonic distance sensor which is designed for measuring the real...

ultrasonic distance sensor - USi

The USi model is manufactured by Mayser, and is an ultrasonic sensor that has complex measurement form. It has an...

ultrasonic distance sensor - 1 1/2

The UFM, manufactured by Stuebbe, is a filling level that has a measuring range of up to...

ultrasonic distance sensor - US-1

Provides non-contact position sensing

ultrasonic distance sensor - 4-20mA | US2

US2 Ultrasonic Sensor

Non-contact sensing, 4 inches to 14 feet

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