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ultrasonic homogenizer - 400 W, 0.25 - 1 000 ml | Sonic Ruptor 400

The Omni Sonic Ruptor 400 Watt Ultrasonic Homogenizer/Cell Disrupter is designed to handle a variety of applications including disruption of cells,...

ultrasonic homogenizer - 400 W, 0.25 - 1 000 ml | Ruptor 4000

The Omni Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer/Cell Disrupter is designed to handle a variety of applications including disruption of cells, bacteria,...

ultrasonic homogenizer / high-pressure - Sonolator

All types of mixers achieve mixing by rapidly changing the direction of the fluid, accelerating the fluid, or subjecting the fluid to cavitation....

ultrasonic homogenizer - VialTweeter

Sonication is a very effective method for the mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, disintegration, and degassing of liquids by means of ultrasonic cavitation. The VialTweeter applies this technology to vials, such as autosampler vials,...

ultrasonic homogenizer - 200 W Ultrasonic Homogenizer UP200Ht

The UP200Ht (200W, 26kHz) is part of the new series of Hielschers 200 watt ultrasonic homogenizers which come with broad range of new accessories. The new features include digital control and touch...

ultrasonic homogenizer - 400 W | UP400S

400 Watts ultrasonic power - The UP400S (400W, 24kHz) is a powerful and reliable ultrasonic device for the sonication of larger samples in the lab. Typical application include: Homogenization, deagglomeration, lysis and cell disintegration, protein extraction and the emulsification of liquids.

The ultrasonic processor UP400S (400 watts,...

ultrasonic homogenizer - 1 000 W | UIP1000hd

The UIP1000hd (20kHz, 1000W) is a powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device for lab testing and industrial processing of liquids. It is used for applications, such as emulsifying,...

ultrasonic homogenizer - max. 150 W | SLP series

The Digital SLP Cell Disruptor Series is a line of ultrasonic, minimal-power systems. It is Bransonic's newest line of systems, which are ideal for fields of application that require 150 watts...

ultrasonic homogenizer / automatic - 200 W | S-250D

Aside from providing features similar to the analog units, the Sonifier® S-250D digital ultrasonic processor also includes several operation benefits. It is 200...

ultrasonic homogenizer / automatic - 400 W | S-450D

The SONIFIER series of digital cell disruptors employs the features of analog units, and combine these with a 400 watt output. It has...

ultrasonic homogenizer / continuous / control panel - 200 W | S-250A

The Sonifier® S-250A analog ultrasonic processor is a 200 watt device that has a wide range of accessories that is designed to comply to specified applications....

ultrasonic homogenizer / continuous / control panel - 400 W | S-450A

The Sonifier® S-450a simple ultrasonic processor features an automated tuning that ensures excellent operation under harsh environments. It is equipped with a power output...

ultrasonic homogenizer - max. 1000 W | inside 500

The Inside 500 is a unit manufactured...

ultrasonic homogenizer - max. 1000 W | inside 500

The equipment consists of a control and power unit and an ultrasonic transducer
Control unit: Epoxy coated external metallic case and...

ultrasonic homogenizer - 2 - 900 ml, 70 - 200 W | SONOPULS HD

Ultrasonic homogenizers in 2 sizes with 20 kHz homogeneous sound and variable duration of sonication, power output, and pulsing


ultrasonic homogenizer - 2 000 - 16 000 rpm, 130 W | DPS-20

This advanced system allows the maximum in choice and control to best support your processing needs. The DPS-20 merges the advantages of each homogenizing method to make it the optimum timesaving and flexible homogenizing system on the...

ultrasonic homogenizer - max. 100 W, 20 kHz | UD-211, UR-21P


Disruption of cells, bacteria and tissues,
Adjustment of ribosome,
Cutting of actinomycetes and fungal threads,
Acceleration of a chemical reaction,

ultrasonic homogenizer - 200W, IP 40 | UDS 751/UP 200S

The Ultrasonic Disintegrator UDS 751/UP 200S has been developed to serve the purpose of sieving with only one sieve and using the sieved material for more analyses. Ultrasonic can be inserted into fluids with very high power densities (up to 600 W/cm2). The UDS 751 was developed in close collaboration with Hielscher GmbH....

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