Ultrasonic probe heads

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Ultrasonic probe heads
ultrasonic probe head - SONOSCAN

The Sonoscan is a pulse echo and dual element probe from Sonotec. The probe is designed for non-destructive testing of metals and plastics for the smallest of material defects. It can be used to detect fusion defects in...

ultrasonic probe head - SE

The Sonoscaan wall thickness probes are meant for non-destructive testing. These are used only with Sonowall devices to measure wall thicknesses with precision. The efficient and robust...

ultrasonic probe head - CIRCOSON

Wall thickness measurement of seamless tubes
Test material diameter from...

ultrasonic probe head - CIRCOSON

KARL DEUTSCH ultrasonic transducers are the result of practical experience...

ultrasonic probe head - CIRCOSON

Mecasonic's ultrasonic welding heads can be easily adapted and integrated into your production lines for thermoplastic welding purposes.


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