Vacuum chambers

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Vacuum chambers
vacuum chamber - RUD series

High Temperature Vacuum Oven is widely used for heating treatment of metal materials in low vacuum, recursive,...

vacuum chamber - max. 762 x 762 x 102 mm

These economical vacuum chambers provide a safe, reliable means for transporting contamination- and moisture-sensitive parts. They are also ideal for degassing operations, biological tests, and other...

vacuum chamber - 203 x 305 x 203 mm

Terra's versatile Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber meets a host of processing needs in industries from plastics to pharmaceuticals to microelectronics.

Its double-wall...

vacuum chamber - 711 x 1 219 mm

Vacuum Chambers

Terra manufactures vacuum chambers for processing at vacuum levels to 29.9"Hg, perfect...

vacuum chamber - max. 889 x 889 x 902 mm

Ideal for vacuum processing of large components and assemblies
Durable aluminum construction ensures a long service life under heavy service
One-inch wall thickness sustains vacuum levels to...

vacuum chamber - max. 889 x 889 x 902 mm

PFEIFFER designed and developed their Vacuum Chambers with their customer's needs and specifications in mind. These chambers are built to accommodate a multitude of tasks including...

vacuum chamber - 117 m³/h

This suction chamber is to be fitted to a vacuum system in order to gather the fumes...

vacuum chamber - 117 m³/h

A&N has fabricated high and ultra high vacuum chambers for over 25 years. Vacuum chambers are employed in a variety of industries and applications. Our range of projects extends from one of-a-kind chambers...

vacuum chamber - 25 - 200 m3/h

Casting machine and mixing chamber under vacuum for...

vacuum chamber - 25 - 200 m3/h

Nor-Cal Products has earned a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum chambers. The quality, appearance and performance of our chambers are unequaled. We supply one-off chambers designed from customer specifications for university or national laboratory...

vacuum chamber - 4

Bell Jars are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in combination with our Baseplates...

vacuum chamber - 4

Installable inside any under vacuum chamber for metallization or any other coating, it gives you the possibility to treat materials up to a speed of 1000 m/min. The particular design of the chatodes (chatodes built from a full piece) together with the robustness of the...

vacuum chamber - 3/4 - 2

MDC stainless steel bell jars are designed for use with MDC baseplates, base wells and feedthrough collars. A dovetail groove in the jar’s base flange holds a Viton® elastomer gasket, which makes the vacuum seal with one of the forementioned components. All stainless steel bell jars are fitted with a four inch view diameter Pyrex® viewport. All vacuum welds are internal and provide...

vacuum chamber - 2 1/2 - 6

MDC surface science chambers are constructed of type 304 stainless steel and with a total of 18 access ports. In addition to a vacuum pump port at the base, the chamber includes three 8", two 6", three 4-1/2" and nine 2-3/4 inch Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges with tube diameters of 6", 4", 2-1/2"...

vacuum chamber - 12 - 16

Available in either a 12" or 16" nominal diameter they are constructed from 304L stainless steel. Both versions feature a variety of access ports of different sizes to accommodate connection to a variety of experimental devices, analytical instruments, viewports, electrical and motion feedthroughs,...

vacuum chamber - 12 - 16

Vacuum environment is an essential ingredient in thin film coating process and surface analysis science. A high quality vacuum chamber is very important to the performance of equipment. Htc Vacuum has the extensive experience of designing and manufacturing various customized vacuum chambers. Htc vacuum provided the UHV systembase pressure 10-10 torrfor surface analysis science to the university laboratory,...

vacuum chamber - PT-200

It is convenient to put whole lead frame on a jig and proceed with lighting up a LED product.
The machine could be...

vacuum chamber - 50 - 500 l | LeakScanner SV

This model range with a chamber volume of approx....

vacuum chamber - 500 - 10 000 l | LeakScanner SV

We manufacture standard systems of this model range with a chamber volume of 500 l to approx.10,000 l. We recommend this model range where larger components need to be tested or where integrated gas handling in the test chamber is required....

vacuum chamber - 500 - 10 000 l | LeakScanner SV

Vacuum or purge environment chamber is ideal for coupling to ultraviolet line emission sources or monochromators to excite samples with tunable ultraviolet energy. Fast shuttered emission allows to measure...

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