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1 products Delta Controls
Delta Controls Model S20 Series
Pressure / Model S20 Series Delta Controls

Ranges available up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) Maximum working pressure up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi) Epoxy coated die cast zinc / aluminium and stainless...

Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik 25 bar | MS10
Pressure / 25 bar | MS10 Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik

Application Overpressure and vacuum proof contact pressure gauge...

Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik 25 bar | MS11
Pressure / 25 bar | MS11 Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik

Application Contact pressure gauge, especially sui- ted for heavy measuring conditions, e.g. in case of pressure shocks, vibration, numerous...

4 products HERGA
HERGA 6753
Pressure / 6753 HERGA

Product FEATURES sensitive versatile switch,...

Pressure / MPL HERGA

Product FEATURES pressure, vacuum and differential...

HERGA 6761, 6763
Pressure / 6761, 6763 HERGA

Product FEATURES a range of small switches designed for direct mounting onto printed...

HERGA 6721, 6722
6721, 6722 HERGA

Product FEATURES these switches have been designed primarily for the OEM...

1 products TIVAL Sensors
TIVAL Sensors -0.05 ... -1 bar | FF 701
Pressure / -0.05 ... -1 bar | FF 701 TIVAL Sensors

Model range FF 701 vacuum switches are change-over contact equipped. Switchpoint can...

3 products FARBO SRL
Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Technology 0.15 - 3.05 Mpa | PSD 2.2/2.9
Miniature pressure / 0.15 - 3.05 Mpa | PSD 2.2/2.9 Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Technology

PSD 2.2/2.9 pressure switches is a miniature automatic reset pressure switch, It’s one of the...

2 products SMC France
new SMC France ZSE10 series
Digital pressure / ZSE10 series SMC France

SMC new ZSE10(F)/ISE10 pressure switches are ideal for requirements with machine space constraints. The switches, with only 9.8 mm width, have been developed specifically to result in less space utilization....

SMC France ZSE1 series
Pneumatic ZSE1 series SMC France

The ZSE1 series is a highly robust vacuum pressure switch that can be purchased in an independent...

6 products CAMOZZI
Electronic pressure / SWE series CAMOZZI

This vacuum / pressure switch comes in a durable construction, made of polycarbonate, while the connection...

Electronic pressure / SWD series CAMOZZI

This vacuum/pressure switch device is an electronic one that comes with polycarbonate housing making it more durable when compared...

Electronic pressure / SWDN series CAMOZZI

This product is a type of pressure/vacuum switch electronic with polycarbonate housing....

Electronic pressure / SWC series CAMOZZI

The polycarbonate housing is one of the most important aspects of this product, which comes with a vacuum...

Electronic pressure / SWCN series CAMOZZI

These electronic pressure and vacuum switches feature polycarbonate housing and integrated LED...

CAMOZZI min. -1 bar | SWM series
Electronic min. -1 bar | SWM series CAMOZZI

The innovative and excellent SWM series of electronic vacuum switch is perfectly...

2 products SMC
SMC  ZSE1 series
Pressure / ZSE1 series SMC

SMC ZSE1 series is a lightweight and compact vacuum pressure switch. It is available...

SMC  ZSE2 series
Pressure / ZSE2 series SMC

The ZSE2 series vacuum pressure switch represents a very tightly packed...

VUOTOTECNICA max. 60 mbar | 120210
Miniature pressure / max. 60 mbar | 120210 VUOTOTECNICA

The vacuum switches in this series impress with their reduced overall dimensions, as well as the fact that they can give an electric...

VUOTOTECNICA max. 1 200 mbar | 836-C6A, 836-C2A
Electromechanical pressure / max. 1 200 mbar | 836-C6A, 836-C2A VUOTOTECNICA

The vacuum pressure switches of the 836 series are study and compact. Their accuracy allows them to be used in multiple applications. Control features include a quick tripping precision microswitch...

VUOTOTECNICA max. 10 bar | 12xx1x, 00122x series
Digital pressure / max. 10 bar | 12xx1x, 00122x series VUOTOTECNICA

The extremely light and compact digital vacuum and pressure switches in this product series come enclosed in a sturdy ABS casing, which ensures their durability. The features allow machine installation...

VUOTOTECNICA max. 1 MPa | 122010P, 123510P
Digital pressure / max. 1 MPa | 122010P, 123510P VUOTOTECNICA

This Digital Vacuum and Pressure Switch used for calibrating and compensation of temperatures is manufactured by Vuototencica. It is designed to provide precise and accurate measurement values. This tool...

VUOTOTECNICA max. 100 kPa | 120510xP, 12051xN series
Electronic max. 100 kPa | 120510xP, 12051xN series VUOTOTECNICA

The small devices in this series are very useful when it comes to giving precise digital signals to maximum measuring value, as long as they are calibrated accurately and compensate for temperatures....

VUOTOTECNICA max. -1 bar | 120710, 00122x series
Adjustable max. -1 bar | 120710, 00122x series VUOTOTECNICA

The compact and extremely light switches in this product series are enclosed in an ABS casing that is extremely sturdy, providing extra resistance. The features of this product allow installation on the...

Yonsha Co.,Limited 100 kpa
Digital pressure / 100 kpa Yonsha Co.,Limited

The Yonsha Digital Pressure Switch is designed for low pressure applications....

1 products Schmalz
Pressure / Schmalz

The Pressure or Vacuum Switch is manufactured by Schmalz. The product allows reliable observation of the vacuum...

1 products VTEC/VMECA
VTEC/VMECA -101 ... 0 kPa | V16 series
Pressure / -101 ... 0 kPa | V16 series VTEC/VMECA

The V17 Series of Vacuum Switch, manufactured by Vmeca, is mainly used for air and non-corrosive...

2 products Sommer-Technik
Pressure / Sommer-Technik

This is a pressure and vacuum switch manufactured Sommer-Technik which is designed for all M5-vacuum...

Adjustable Sommer-Technik

Adjustable vacuum switches are capable of performing switching and disposing functions. It signals...

Beswick Engineering Co, Inc. 18 - 62 psi | SPE series
Miniature pressure / 18 - 62 psi | SPE series Beswick Engineering Co, Inc.

The SPE is specially designed to provide a high quality functionality and performance for very specific purposes and application....

3 products PIAB
Electromechanical pressure / PIAB

Electrically operated vacuum switches that give an electrical clear signal...

PIAB max. 0.5 MPa
Digital pressure / max. 0.5 MPa PIAB

2 PNP outputs, NO or NC. Independently selectable for each output. 3-colour LCD display, easy readout. 7...

PIAB max. 0.6 MPa
Pneumatic max. 0.6 MPa PIAB

- Converts a vacuum level to a pneumatic...

1 products az pneumatica
az pneumatica 1 - 10 bar, -0.2 - -0.9 bar
Pressure / 1 - 10 bar, -0.2 - -0.9 bar az pneumatica

Pressure switches Technical data - Temperature range: max +60°C - Setting range: 1 ... 10 bar - Tolerance at 20°C: 0.5 bar - Max. tension: 48V AC -...

1 products Waircom
Waircom 10 bar | PR series
Pressure / 10 bar | PR series Waircom

This series of switches has been expressly designed for the pressure detection of a wide range of fluids with elevate accuracy and resolution. This series has both digital and/or analog outputs and an...

GEMS SENSORS & CONTROLS 51 - 508 mbar, IP66 | PS81 series
51 - 508 mbar, IP66 | PS81 series GEMS SENSORS & CONTROLS

PS81 Series Pressure Switch Ultra-Long Life Vacuum Switches PS81 Series Pressure Switch Quick Specs... * 1.5" to 15" Hg (51 to 508 mbar)...

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