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vacuum switch - M 400, M 440

Vacuum switchover is a device which in case of empty...

vacuum switch - 6721, 6722

product FEATURES

these switches have been designed primarily for...

digital vacuum switch - IP 40 | 9VE series

Usage range -1013 to 0 mbar
Gas Air, non corrosive gas and non combustible gas
Resolution 1 mbar

vacuum switch - IP 40 | 9VE series

- Fit directly on G1/4" threaded connector
- 2 models

inflatable boat vacuum switch - 9VPE series

- Allows to get a pneumatic signal when vacuum threshold is reached.

diaphragm vacuum switch - 1 - 29

Long-life elastomer diaphragm

diaphragm vacuum switch - 4 - 29

Long-life elastomer diaphragm

diaphragm vacuum switch - 3 - 29

Long-life elastomer diaphragm

explosion-proof vacuum switch - 0.1 - 25 bar, 760 - 100 mmHg, IP66 | FC series

The FC series offers a wide array of explosion proof-vacuum switches that are specifically constructed to be utilized in areas...

explosion-proof vacuum switch - 100 - 760 mm Hg | FC

The FC is a vacuum pressure switch that is made for areas that are prone to explosive. It can be utilized...

vacuum switch - 100 - 760 mmHg, IP66 | MD series

These MD Vacuum switches from Orion instruments are ideally used for operations that need strong switches that...

vacuum switch - 100 - 760 mmHg | MN, MA series

The MN/MA Series, manufactured by Orion, is a compact vacuum switch that comes with a separate chamber for...

vacuum switch - 100 - 760 mmHg | VS1

The VS1 Series is manufactured by Orion, and is a vacuum switch equipped with a 1/4...

digital vacuum switch - min. -1 bar | SWM series

The innovative and excellent SWM series of electronic vacuum switch is perfectly...

inflatable boat vacuum switch - ZSE1 series

The ZSE1 series is a highly robust vacuum pressure switch that can be purchased in an independent...

variable vacuum switch - 30 - 1 000 mbar | VS16K series

The VS16K is an all-purpose vacuum change with a consumer adaptable set-point and tiny switching degree of difference. This diaphragm activated vacuum switch is lofty vacuum well-matched and rust defiant with all damped components prepared from stainless steel....

digital vacuum switch - 5 - 80 bar | 18D, 33D, 50D series

The DS-E1V10P4B2PR00 is an electronic vacuum switch manufactured by Norgen express. The...

inflatable boat vacuum switch - AVS series

The Pneumatic Vacuum Switches AVS Series, manufactured by Air Best, functions by converting vacuum...

vacuum switch - KP series

The Air-best KP series is an array pressure switches that can show three colors display,...

inflatable boat vacuum switch - max. 8 bar | 120130, 120230

Vuototecnica's Mini Pneumatic Vacuum Switches exhibit compacted dimension, and provide or eliminate a pneumatic...

digital vacuum switch - max. 100 kPa | 120510xP, 12051xN series

The small devices in this series are very useful when it comes to giving precise digital signals to maximum measuring value, as long as they are calibrated accurately and compensate for temperatures. The commutation point is within the...

variable vacuum switch - max. -1 bar | 120710, 00122x series

The compact and extremely light switches in this product series are enclosed in an ABS casing that is extremely sturdy, providing extra resistance. The features of this product allow installation on the machine, very close to...

variable vacuum switch - max. -1 bar | 120710, 00122x series

Adjustable vacuum switches are capable of performing switching and disposing functions. It signals...

vacuum switch - max. 3 150 A, 40 kV | LV series

High performance, reliability, and long life!

vacuum switch - max. 3 150 A, 40 kV | LV series

For automatic shut-off operation and to prevent pump damage....

inflatable boat vacuum switch - max. 0.6 MPa

- Converts a vacuum level to a pneumatic signal.

inflatable boat vacuum switch - max. 0.6 MPa

Numatics product offering includes a selection of vacuum...

vacuum switch - max. 12 kV | MVC1-12 series

MVC1-12 Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Contactor is a sort of electric switchgear applying to the AC power...

vacuum switch - max. 15 500 V, 600 A | J-BOX

Vacuum Switch (J-BOX)
Type: Manual Operation
Single phase, 4-way
Rated Maximum Voltage: 15.5 kV
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Current: 600 A
Rated Load Interrupting Current: 600 A
BIL: 95 kV
Rated Momentary & Making Current: 20 kA (Asym....

digital vacuum switch - 230 V, 50 Hz

Vacuum switch mechanical...

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