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The mechanical vacuum switch S4412 is used in areas in which an electrical signal is required that depends on a specified vacuum values.

Change - over contact

Mechanical vacuum switch for applications with high demand on accuracy and loadability. The setpoint adjustment remains stable even for several years.



For automatic shut-off operation and to prevent pump damage....


The INFICON VSC150 Vacuum Switch is an absolute pressure switch with an adjustable electrical switching contact from 0.5 to 2000 mbar. The mechanical design allows a short therm overload of 3000...


Numatics product offering includes a selection of vacuum...


Switches - Vacuum



Usage range -1013 to 0 mbar
Gas Air, non corrosive gas and non combustible gas
Resolution 1 mbar

- Fit directly on G1/4" threaded connector
- 2 models

- Allows to get a pneumatic signal when vacuum threshold is reached.


The FC series offers a wide array of explosion proof-vacuum switches that are specifically constructed to be utilized in areas...

The FC is a vacuum pressure switch that is made for areas that are prone to explosive. It can be utilized...

These MD Vacuum switches from Orion instruments are ideally used for operations that need strong switches that...

The MN/MA Series, manufactured by Orion, is a compact vacuum switch that comes with a separate chamber for...

The VS1 Series is manufactured by Orion, and is a vacuum switch equipped with a 1/4...


MVC1-12 Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Contactor is a sort of electric switchgear applying to the AC power...


Vacuum switchover is a device which in case of empty...


SETTING RANGE -50 / -900 mbar

SETTING RANGE -200 / -900 mbar

Vacuum switch...

Vacuum switch with...


This diaphragm operated vacuum switch is high vacuum compatible and corrosion resistant...


The NV series is manufactured by Clark Solutions, and is a vacuum switch that utilizes...


Vacuum Switch (J-BOX)
Type: Manual Operation
Single phase, 4-way
Rated Maximum Voltage: 15.5 kV
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Current: 600 A
Rated Load Interrupting Current: 600 A
BIL: 95 kV
Rated Momentary & Making Current: 20 kA (Asym....


product FEATURES

these switches have been designed primarily for...


Vacuum switch mechanical...


The DS-E1V10P4B2PR00 is an electronic vacuum switch manufactured by Norgen express. The...

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