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directional valve / pressure / threaded / compact - 0.5 - 10 bar | SDV-P-E

With integrated quick air bleed
The pressure maintenance valves of the SCHUNK SDV-P series guarantee that in emergency-off situations, the pressure in the piston chamber of pneumatic gripping, rotary, linear, and quick-change modules is temporarily maintained. With the SDV-P-E, SCHUNK offers for the first time a pressure maintenance valve, in which...

mechanically-operated valve / pneumatic - 200 series

These large flow capacity (1.0Cv) models come...

shuttle valve / pneumatic - VR series

SMC series VR1210/1200 3 ported shuttle valve has one output port and 2 pneumatic signal and input ports. The valves can handle operating pressure...

air-operated valve - SYJA series

The SYJ Valve combines space efficiency with performance superiority to provide a design solution with real value. Whether designed for use as a single valve or a manifold, this small profile provides...

rotary valve / pneumatic / manual - VH series

The Series VH rotary hand valve is small and works over a range...

manually-operated valve / pneumatic - VHK series

The VHK series of finger valves has an impressive effective area (2.0 - 17.5mm²). It starts out with a minimum tube of OD...

poppet valve / direct-operated / gas / air - 1/8 - 1

Sentronicplus is a highly dynamical 3-way proportional valve with digital control.
Sentronicplus stands for:
Digital communication and control
Direct operated valve
Dynamic behaviour (high speed)
A special feature of the...

flow-control valve / motorized / 2-way / stainless steel - 3/8 - 3/4, max. 10 bar, -10 °C ... +90 °C | 290 series

Long service life
Variable flow proportional to the control signal
Ready-to-use valve
High flow due to angled seat design
Anti-waterhammer design (fluid entry under the disc)

flow-control valve / motorized / water / for gas - 3/4

Variable valve opening (flow), proportional to the
control signal
Digital controller with two operating buttons and
position indication

2-way valve / 3-way / bronze / angle seat - DN 25 - 50, max. 16 bar, -10 °C ... +180 °C | E290 series

The E290 series features pressure-operated valves with an angled seat and anti-waterhammer design. The angled...

flow-control valve / direct-acting / for gas / air - 1/4 - 1/2

The FlowtronicD consists of a fast, direct-acting 2-port proportional valve, a
pressure sensor unit and digital control electronics
Especially designed for applications...

control valve / for small quantities - 50 ln/min, max. 100 bar | F-001 series

Designed with a valve module placed on or inside a base block which can also be used...

control valve / high-pressure - max. 700 bar | F-033, F-042 series

The direct acting valves (Series F-001) with 2-phase control valves for high pressure, up to 700...

flow-control valve / pressure-control / pilot-operated / proportional - max. 500 m³n/h | F-002A, F-003A, F-003B series

It is made up of patented indirect acting control valves that is best used for high flow rates, up to 500 m3n/h N2-equivalent. They are utilized...

bellows valve - F-004 series

Pressure compensated bellow valves of series F-004 by Bronkhorst are direct-acting control valves with a...

flow-control valve / for gas / for liquids - max. 100 bar | C5I series

Bronkhorst is the designer of this high performance product, which comes with an impressive pressure rating of 100 bar. The model C5I, as it is identified...

process valve - 1 - 7 mm, 1 MPa | VNA series

These valves use fluid mediums of air, CO2, nitrogen gas, freon 11, 113, 114, turbine...

rotary valve / pneumatic / manual / compact - 1/4

The compact design and various flow rates of Series VH rotary hand valve...

manually-operated valve / pneumatic / air - VHK series

This is a standard version finger valve that comes in size 2 (two ports)...

manually-operated valve / pneumatic / air / 2/3-way - 1/8

The VHK*R, Flame Resistant Fingers are flame resistant 2 or 3 ported valves...

pneumatic valve / mechanically-operated - VM100 series

These mechanical valves work at ambient and fluid temperatures from -5°...

pressure gauge valve - 910.11

This pressure gauge valve features many different functions that are useful in a variety of fields. This gauge is good for petrochemical, power plants, mining, plant construction, machine building, onshore, offshore, environmental,...

manually-operated valve / corner - DN 16 ISO-KF - DN 40 ISO-KF, DN 63 ISO-K - DN 100 ISO-K

Designed by Pfeiffer Vacuum, these manually actuated angle valves are characterized by their...

electro-pneumatic valve / corner - DN 16 ISO-KF - DN 40 ISO-KF, DN 63 ISO-K - DN 160 ISO-K

Electropneumatically actuated, with pilot valve (PV) and position indicator (PI)

Pfeiffer Vacuum electropneumatically actuated angle valves have been...

pneumatic valve / corner - DN 16 ISO-KF - DN 40 ISO-KF, DN 63 ISO-K - DN 160 ISO-K

The angle valves feature an all in one box design in the same housing with a position...

corner valve - DN 5 ISO-KF - DN 160 ISO-K

The angle valves are designed to be more robust and durable, as well...

manually-operated valve / in-line - DN 16 ISO-KF - DN 40 ISO-KF

Pfeiffer Vacuum manually actuated inline valves, made of stainless steel housing...

cartridge valve / pilot-operated / for sanitary fittings - 11 l/min, DN 5, 0.5 - 10 bar | 50.005.101 bi

This servo-controlled valve comes with a solenoid cartridge and is suitable for applications such as sanitary fittings and other similar projects. In order...

cartridge valve / pilot-operated / for sanitary fittings - 23 l/min, DN 7, 0.5 - 10 bar | 50.007.101 bi

The bi-stable cartridge valve, DN 7, is servo controlled. It is also a solenoid cartridge, 2/2-way valve.

This highly specialized valve can naturally be utilized in sanitary fittings being controlled by electronics. Durability, longevity...

cartridge valve / pilot-operated / for sanitary fittings - 20 l/min, DN 5, 0.5 - 8 bar | 050-B05.060

A.u.K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG 2/2-way BI Stable Cartridge Valve is useful in minimizing power consumption by using impulse control (pwm) and increasing durability and battery life of electronically...

cartridge valve / pilot-operated / for sanitary fittings - 20 l/min, DN 7, 0.5 - 8 bar | 050-B07.030/060/090

The BISTABLE CARTRIDGE VALVE, DN 7 is a 2/2-way solenoid cartridge servo controlled valve of DN 7 in bi stable version. This is specifically for electronically controlled sanitary fittings. It minimizes power consumption by using the impulse control (pwm) in order to increase...

cartridge valve / pilot-operated / for sanitary fittings - 15 l/min, DN 7, 0.5 - 8 bar | 050-B07.03x/06x/09x

The BI STABLE AXIAL CARTRIDGE VALVE, DN 7 is equipped with a 2/2-way solenoid cartridge servo controlled valve of DN 7 in mono stable version. This is often used specifically for electronically controlled sanitary fittings....

changeover valve - max. 3 000 psig | NA-4 series

The TESCOM NA-4 Series Changeover System is designed for continuous and interruption-free supply of carrier and calibration gases. It it is commonly used in petrochemical analyzer...

shut-off valve / high-pressure - 1/4 - 1 1/2

The high quality TESCOM™ 30 Series shut-off valves can be used in GSE support and pressure panels. This cutting-edge technology can also be used in instrumentation...

high-pressure valve - DN 10, PN 300

These high pressure valves are often used in laboratory gas supply lines, where...

shut-off valve - DN 8, PN 40 | D43129, D42528

TESCOM™ metal bellows shut-off valves are often used for gases of high purity, mostly...

shut-off valve / stainless steel - PN 40 | D43xxx, D44xxx series

Created for use with inert, reactive, corrosive materials, this TESCOM™ metal diaphragm...

globe valve / flange - max. DN 200 | BOA-Compact

These globe valves feature a flanged end and a short face-to-face length to EN 558/14, inclined seat, bonnetless, EPDM-covered valve plug and...

globe valve / flange - max. DN 350 | BOA-H

The BOA-H valve is a flanged bellows-type globe valve. It has a throttling (shut-off) valve plug, It has a standard...

globe valve / wrought steel - max. DN 50 | ECOLINE GTF 800

Designed to ASME/ASMI standards, the Gate Valve by KSB is a durable device with its forged steel construction (A105m). It comes with an ASME B16.34 ratings...

globe valve / flange - max. DN 200 | NORI 160 ZXL/ZXS

This flanged or weld end globe valve features gland packing, a non-rotating stem, an integrated position indicator,...

globe valve / control - max. DN 250 | ZJSVA/ZSXVA

This start-stop control valve has a pressure seal bonnet, body that is

pneumatic valve / mechanically-operated / mini - ø 2.5 mm, 0.5 -  10 bar | VME series

This is one of the latest minivalves available on the market, and comes with a 3/2 NO NC poppet. In terms of installation, you can choose...

valve with pedals / pneumatic - ø 2.5 - 7.5 mm, 2.5 - 10 bar | PEV series

The PEV series valve is operated by pedal, and is available in
multiple versions:

NAMUR valve - ø 7.5 mm, 2.5 - 10 bar

The operating pressure guaranteed by the manufacturer for this product can be anywhere...

ISO base valve - ø 7.5 - 15 mm, 2.5 - 10 bar | ISV, IPV series

There are three surface dimensions to choose from when it comes to this product,...

ISO base valve - max. 13 bar

This sandwich regulator features a pressure gauge showing 0-12 bar. Maximum...

ISO base valve - max. 13 bar

The Legris ball valves are made for...

ball valve / brass - max 40 bar, 4 Mpa, 580 psi

These devices are Legris medium or low pressure valves....

ball valve / stainless steel - AISI 316L, AISI 304L, AISI 303L

Highly suitable for harsh fluids and corrosive environments, these Legris ball...

ball valve / stainless steel - AISI 316L, AISI 304L, AISI 303L

The three valves by Parker Legris are manually operated and come with...

ball valve / stainless steel - AISI 316L, AISI 304L, AISI 303L

If flow in a fluid power circuit...

lubrication system valve - AO series

The Air/Oil AO Series Valve is a series progressive monitoring valve manufactured by Graco. It identifies air line or oil line erros...

lubrication system valve - AO series

This lubrication accessory can help divider valves proportion lubricants correctly at different pressure settings. This is especially useful in cases where...

flow divider valve - Trabon USP

Trabon USP Divider Valve is a series progressive metering device is a one-piece device. Hence, it doesn't require assembling. As all the fittings are supplied with the block, there is no need for special fittings too. An added...

diaphragm valve / pneumatically-actuated / 2/2-way - DN 15 - 100, max. 10 bar | 2030 series

The revolutionary Type 2030 Diaphragm valve has applications suitable with aggressive media. It...

diaphragm valve / pneumatically-actuated / 2/2-way - DN 4 - 100, max. 7 bar | 2031 series

This 2/2 way pneumatically-operated valve type 2031 has a forged stainless steel housing that...

manually-operated valve / pneumatic - DN 15 - 100 | 2032 series

This fully integrated Burkert T Valve (Type 8801/8803-TA) is made from stainless...

tank bottom valve - DN 8 - 100, max. 7 bar | 2033 series

Bürkert Type 2033 pneumatically operated tank bottom valve is available in sizes DN 8-100. Designed for control...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

This top notch device here, which is part of the BBS modular system, is a Valco...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

Here, we have a 2-way Slip-in Cartridge Valves - Actively Operated by Moog. These were designed to remove many limitations of standard cartridge valves as well as to enable high speed switching functions.

Now with added control area, the Active...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

Constructed by MOOG, these are slip-in, 2 way cartridge valves, and are excellent for a vast variety of safety purposes. Outfitted with extra monitoring mechanisms, these...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

These MOOG proportional cartridge valves are controlled by low pressure and operate on a two-way system. They are also piloted throttle valves and the main stage cone follows the...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

This 2-way Screw-in Cartridge Valves has a check Function that can be operated in two ports "A" and "B." It has a 350...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

These 2-way Screw-in Proportional Cartridge Valves can self-regulate the flow from port "A" to "B" with thier hydraulic design, that controls the flow...

diaphragm valve / stainless steel - DN 8 - 150, max. 10 bar | BBS-09 series

The patented Jet Edge Dual Pressure Valve can be mounted remotely and permits waterjet operators to help manage the water pressure separately from the water jet intensifier pump. This allows operators to run a number of waterjet tables or cutting...

soft-start valve - 3 - 10 bar, 3 300 l/min

The Rexroth Slow-start valve is a spool valve for compressed air that boasts an aluminum housing with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber...

valve with pedals / pneumatic - -0.95 ... +10 bar, 1 200 l/min | CD07 series

You are looking at an unlockable zero overlap, spool valve, which works under the soft sealing principle, at a temperature...

drawer valve / manually-operated - max. 10 bar, 750 - 3 200 l/min | ML series

3/2-way manual spool valve, ML Series.
Working pressure min./max....

ball valve / manual - -0.95 ... +10 bar, 1 000 - 2 600 l/min | QR1-BSK series

This product is a ball valve for compressed air. It is constructed with a polybutyleneterephthalate...

ball valve / manual - -0.95 ... +10 bar, 1 300 - 2 600 l/min | QR1-BGS series

This push-in ball valve is conveniently fitted with an external thread. It works on compressed...

quick-release exhaust valve / pneumatic - 3/8 - 1

Eaton three-way Airflex Quick Release Valves (QRVs) provide an excellent solution for high-end results...

directional valve / hydraulic - max. 350 bar, max. 1 100 l/min | DG series

Regardless of the purpose a hydraulic system has, there is a reliable direction valve that can be found in...

flow-control valve / hydraulic - max. 210 bar , max. 106 lpm

If a system requires constant, exact control of hydraulic flow speed, despite the inlet pressure, Eaton...

hydraulic pressure-control valve - max. 350 bar, max. 180 680 lpm

Alleviate, lessen, sequence or unload fluid pressure for a large range of applications using...

directional valve / hydraulic / proportional - max. 350 bar, 40 - 700 lpm | Axis Pro™, KB series

AxisPro™ and the KB Series are the 2 high-load champions from Eaton. These stars of the market-leader's...

pneumatic valve / 3-way / for hazardous environments / for corrosive environments - 12 V, max. 105 psi, 0.025

The corrosion resistant valve (CR) is made out of materials thatguarantee protection against...

poppet valve / compact - 12 V, max. 105 psi, 0.025

The ES-2B-12 is a 2-way electronic valve, normally closed and has board mount pin connectors and manifold ports. This model can support a maximum air/gas...

poppet valve / 2-channel - 12 V, max. 150 psi | EGV-2-C012

The EGV-2-C012 is CLIPPARD'S 2-Way electronic valve equipped with an in-line...

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