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vertical grinding machine / external cylindrical / internal cylindrical
vertical grinding machine

... high precision cylindrical vertical grinding machine range has been designed to suit specific applications of our customers. The finest technologies are utilized to achieve the highest ...

vertical grinding machine / cylindrical
vertical grinding machine

... configuration machines to the most demanding customizations. This modularity provides flexibility to achieve the shortes lead time and optimum cost for a machine made to order. Typical operations of ...

internal cylindrical grinding machine / surface / CNC / high-speed
internal cylindrical grinding machine
VG 110

X travel: 460 mm

The VG110 from EMAG is a vertical face grinder engineered mainly for machining purposes. These face grinders showcase a number of grinding technologies, including grinding ...

internal cylindrical grinding machine / surface / CNC / high-productivity
internal cylindrical grinding machine
VLC 100 G

X travel: 900 mm

The VLC 100 G is a vertical grinding machine that uses a single-spindle vertical grinding set-up to produce a variety of small chuck parts with various ...

drill bit grinding machine / CNC / high-productivity / high-precision
drill bit grinding machine

Precision and efficiency squared. As the world's first grinding machine with two vertically configured grinding spindles, the VGrind 360E is setting new standards. Five-axis CNC grinding ...

CNC sharpening machine / automatic / 5-axis / vertical
CNC sharpening machine
VG500 EvoBoost

Power: 10 kW - 25 kW
X travel: 500 mm
Y travel: 500 mm

Grinding machine VG500 Evo Boost Our latest creation, the VG500 Evo boost is Your Vertical Solution. An optimized machine, compact, fast and ergonomic. The VG500 is dedicated ...

surface grinding machine / engine / PLC-controlled / with moving table
surface grinding machine

New SMX-L surface milling machine with PLC control, allows to program and memorize working cycles. The table moves on linear guideways, recirculating ball screws on the table and column. New touch pen device for workpiece ...

tool grinding machine / CNC / high-precision / double-disc
tool grinding machine

Double-disc grinding with machines from Thielenhaus and Thielenhaus-NISSEI Flat and stamped parts are machined on the double-disc grinding machine using a through-feed, ...

surface grinding machine / for gate valves / safety valve / PLC-controlled
surface grinding machine

Power: 2 kW
Spindle speed: 10 rpm - 150 rpm

Purpose • machines are designed for grinding and lapping of the flat sealing surfaces of the housings and wedges of the gate valves, housings and spools of the stop valves (globe valves), safety valves ...

cutting tool sharpening machine / conventional / vertical
cutting tool sharpening machine
SM 180

Power: 150 W
Spindle speed: 1,420 rpm

... the transparent sharpening and it has a high-quality diamond coating that ensures a long service life. It has a small grinding wheel thickness that can work in any type of materials.

high-precision grinding machine / vertical / horizontal
high-precision grinding machine

... fitted with three grinding heads, the RailGrind grinding machine has two grinding supports with a vertical grinding spindle on the machine ...

surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / vertical
surface grinding machine

Power: 11 kW
Spindle speed: 1,500 rpm - 7,000 rpm

The surfaces of longitudinal table ways are all hand scraped to getting perfect contact pattern and to ensure very high accuracy. Longitudinal table ways are designed to have slide surfaces longer than that of the working surface and ...

internal cylindrical grinding machine / for tubes / CNC / precision
internal cylindrical grinding machine

Power: 25 kW - 75 kW
X travel: 800 mm - 5,500 mm
Y travel: 450 mm - 900 mm

... high-accuracy processing of large and heavy work components. By means of an extensive array of tables of diverse dimensions and vertical strokes, this appliance convenes the maximum necessities with respect to load withstanding ...

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MÄGERLE AG Maschinenfabrik
horizontal disc grinding machine / external cylindrical / for metal sheets / CNC
horizontal disc grinding machine

Power: 0 kW - 60 kW
X travel: 700, 1,000 mm
Y travel: 0 mm - 550 mm

The PROFIMAT MC is Blohm's compactly built machine that is an effective grinding center for various applications with its width that is just 2000mm enabling it to be carried anywhere. Its grinding ...

external cylindrical grinding machine / internal cylindrical / for gears / CNC
external cylindrical grinding machine
UVG series

VERTICAL UNIVERSALS GRINDERS: The most suitable for large diameter revolution jobs as motor casings, gears, bearings, turbines and other typical parts for sectors like power conversion, aerospace, marine. In ...

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GER Maquinas Herramienta S. L. U.
double-disc grinding machine / surface / precision / vertical
double-disc grinding machine
Giustina RVD

The Giustina RVD is a vertical double disc grinder for flat and parallel surface grinding of rotors, stators, VVT components, bearings, spacers, pump parts, connecting rods, and other workpieces with ...

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Fives Cinetic
external cylindrical grinding machine / workpiece / CNC / automatic
external cylindrical grinding machine
BHC R 63

Distance between centers: 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 mm

... is the most stabil (heavy) grinding machine. Automaticaly turning of grinding spindle, on the vertical axis B can be equipped with up to 3 grinding wheels. ...

surface grinding machine / workpiece / large / vertical
surface grinding machine

Power: 25 kW
Spindle speed: 16 rpm - 1,200 rpm

Vertical Rotary Grinders provide high efficiency compared to conventional surface grinders due to the significant amount of grinding wheel in contact with the surface area of the workpiece. Their extremely ...

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Ecotech Machinery, Inc.
external cylindrical grinding machine / CNC / vertical
external cylindrical grinding machine

Power: 30 kVA
X travel: 970 mm
Y travel: 550 mm

... engineering design and peak performance concepts, each machine fully reflects PALMARY's unmatched design and technique. Honeycomb type machine structure assures the best possible rigidity and stability. ...

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Palmary Machinery
surface grinding machine / precision / large / vertical
surface grinding machine

Power: 2.2, 3 kW
Spindle speed: 2,800 rpm

Planar Grinding Machine For initial planar grinding of metallographic specimens in specimen holders, bench top compact design, closed housing, max. safety provided with interlocking ...

vertical disc grinding machine / angular / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled
vertical disc grinding machine
10, 12, 16 series

Power: 3, 5 ch
Spindle speed: 3,450, 1,750 rpm
Distance between centers: 0 mm - 585 mm

Standard Features Column Wide, deep base & honeycomb ribbing are especially suitable for heavy duty grinding. Construction Table, saddle and base are cast from high grade iron, strongly ribbed. Spindle Large diameter ...

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600 Group
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / high-precision
surface grinding machine
Berthiez RVU series

Power: 7 kW - 45 kW
Spindle speed: 4,000 rpm - 18,000 rpm

... RVU is a grinding machine engineered by Starrag. It designed for use in high precision grinding applications in bearing and aerospace. The unit can be supplied with up to four water-cooled ...

vertical disc grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / high-precision
vertical disc grinding machine
F-Grind V

Power: 7.5 kW
Spindle speed: 1,450 rpm
Distance between centers: 800 mm

The grinding spindle runs in heavy-duty, preloaded angular contact ball bearings Automatic feed in X, Y & Z High positioning accuracy of the vertical axis by AC servo motor in conjunction ...

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KAAST Machine Tools Inc.
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled / vertical
surface grinding machine
max. ø 98" | M74 series

Power: 30 ch - 120 ch
Spindle speed: 10 rpm - 24 rpm

... M7450 Max Grinding Size (dia. x H): 19" x 11" M7480 Max Grinding Size (dia. x H): 29" x 11" M74100 Max Grinding Size (dia. x H): 39" x 15" M74125 Max Grinding ...

horizontal disc grinding machine / for metal sheets / manually-controlled / vertical
horizontal disc grinding machine

Portal Grinding Machine for large steel bins Automatic portal grinding machine for large welded steel bins. - Vertical adjustment via electrically ...

internal cylindrical grinding machine / for tubes / CNC / vertical
internal cylindrical grinding machine
FVG-1616, FVG-4040

... vibration and chattering and the highest positioning accuracy. This product is hence the best choice for high repeatability grinding accuracy.

external cylindrical grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / high-performance
external cylindrical grinding machine

Power: 14 kW
X travel: 1,100, 1,700, 3,000 mm
Y travel: 300 mm

The 6-axis CNC grinding machine CORVUS bpp has a vertically-oscillating axis. All profiling tasks in which the grinding disc must oscillate in a vertical direction are ...