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vibration damper / for machines / rubber / metal - 20 - 400 lbs | CM series

This cup mount by CM is designed to shield equipment, vehicles and machinery against shocks and damaging vibrations. They boast a maintenance free design and can cater to demanding environments and feature...

vibration damper / for machines / neoprene - 35 - 1100 lbs | COM series

Ideal for vertical machine and heavy-duty applications, these units are designed for equipment mounting. The neoprene elastomer COM compression mounts exhibit an approximate 8Hz to 15Hz natural, low frequency and can be...

vibration damper / rubber - 3 - 50 lbs | AAM series

The vibration isolation mount (All-Attitude Mount) of the AAM product group delivers an isolation...

vibration damper / for machines / rubber - 110 - 2200 lbs | SFM series

The SFM product group has developed its durable, fail-safe, easy-to-install, maintenance-free and extremely effective isolation...

vibration damper / rubber - 4 - 18 lbs | BM series

The BM series of low frequency vibration dampers are designed to isolate vibrations...

vibration damper / for rubber / steel / NBR - DSM series

This damping rod is constructed from well-damping natural rubber (NBR) vulcanized with steel rods and is utilized to reduce vibrations as well as noise level....

vibration damper / for pipework - WEAR™ series

The ITT ENIDINE WEAR™ Pipe Restraints specially packaged wire rope isolators and offer serious protection for structures and assemblies against vibrations and seismic influences. These restraints use...

vibration damper - 400 - 10 000 daN | PRP Jacmount® series

The PRP jacmount series from AirLoc Schrepfer is ideally used for quick and precise...

vibration damper - 70 - 600 daN | GLR /B1 series

The B1 series is a unit manufactured by Airlock company. It is an adjustable lever that are deployed...

vibration damper - 150 - 3500 daN | GLP /B1 series

The GLP-S series by AirLoc Schrepfer AG is an anti-vibration machine foot which...

vibration damper - 150 - 3500 daN | GLP /B1 series

The devices enable slow movements due to thermal dilatation in both directions and oppose only low resistance to such movements. But when the movement speed leads to dynamic forces that are harmful to the installation,...

vibration damper / shock - -30 °C ... +80 °C | 26100

The Type A buffer is made of natural rubber and 5.6 galvanized steel, and...

vibration damper / shock - -30 °C ... +80 °C | 26105

The 26105 is a shock and vibration absorber. The absorber is made of metal parts,galvanized steel, elastomer,...

vibration damper / for military applications - 30 - 600 daN | MM series

The MM series is composed of dampers for military applications developed by Vibrostop. They are specifically designed to cater applications that...

vibration damper / for pipework - 15 - 375 kg/bar | MOFLEX series

The flexible pipe joint in the Moflex product series is suitable for helping reduce the mechanical vibrations that are generated at the source, being transmitted along the pipes....

shock damper / vibration / gel type / camera - 3 mm, 6 mm | Alpha gel®

The Alpha gel® is a gel type shock and vibration absorber, manufactured by eTaica Corporation. This product is generally used...

vibration damper / shock / gel type / camera - 1 - 10 mm | Alpha gel®

The Alpha Gel Tape and Chip is a simple solution for vibration isolation and shock absorption. The device is ideally used on tight spaces. With its softness...

vibration damper - 0.2 - 300 kg | Alpha gel®

Alpha GEL vibration insulators are used as the last layer in vibration dampening systems as they arrest low-frequency vibrations and micro-vibrations escaping common rubber dampeners. Operable under -40 to 200°C...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

Taica presents Alpha Gel versatile vibration isolators. These are particularly suited in dampening low frequency and micro vibrations and noise, which are typically not removed by materials like rubber. Alpha gel vibration isolators can handle a broad...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

Alpha GEL vibration insulator can absorb vibrations of low frequency which are often hard to isolate through regular dampers like rubbers. -With a proven record of more than 10 years in the field, Alpha GEL insulator shields the system from shock and vibration which become...

vibration damper - 0.5 - 30 lbs

When there is the need to reduce or eliminate harmful or excessive motion, Airpot Precision Dashpots offer highly accurate motion control, including vibration damping, spring damping, solenoid damping, and control of free fall velocity....

vibration damper - AM_G

Vibration dampers made of rubber help suspend industrial...

vibration damper - MG

For vertical and horizontal...

vibration damper / for pipework - RJ

The cylindrical body is made from rubber. It contains 2 flanged inserts...

vibration damper / for pipework - RJ

High quality TICO pipe grips allow for deep water exploration and production to...

vibration damper / for pipework - S series

The S series is a vibration damper that is specially designed for pipeworks. It is fabricated...

vibration damper / for pipework - S series

Auto-adhesive sheet in elastomeric viscoelastic for structural damping.

This damper is made of an high damping material bonded on an aluminium plate.
A self adhesive layer on the elastomer to ease the installation.
This product...

vibration damper - Vibraflot®

Vibration damped spring system for floating slab of concrete, effective mitigation


vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC HD 24 / 29 BV

In vertical installation with the piston rod pointing down, the bottom valve in the STAB-O-SHOC HD 24/29 BV allows slip-free, direct force transmission. The characteristic curve can be individually...

vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC HD 24/29 MB

The STAB-O-SHOC HD24/29 MB combines the advantages of the bottom valve with the non-specific mounting orientation and is, consequently, the engine and belt tensioning seat damper of choice. Another plus: Arranging...

vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC TA-Series

The diaphragm against the outside of the pressure tube can easily absorb the additional piston rod volume, resulting in slip-free force transmission in any mounting orientation. Due to the special piston system with valve plates, the damping forces can be set variably and virtually...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Fabreeka transformer mounts are designed using Fabcel isolation pads...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Fabsorb™ material absorbs machine-induced energy, limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Based on decades of experience in design and application...

vibration damper - SCHWINGMETALL® Classic

This standard brand product stands out due to its reliability, safety and efficiency. All products have been fully tested and are of the highest quality.

Numerous sizes and types with different...

vibration damper - SCHWINGMETALL® Classic Plus

The SCHWINGMETALL ® Classic Plus series includes high-quality products offering additional benefits. Numerous sizes and types...

vibration damper - SCHWINGMETALL® Premium

Premium series products:

SCHWINGMETALL® Hydro mount V series
Suitable for loads from 20 kg to 350 kg and ideal for use...

vibration damper - SCHWINGMETALL® Premium

The environments in which equipment must often operate—oil, water, ozone, corrosion, and temperature extremes—are as critical to designing materials and assemblies that isolate shock and vibration as factors such as space limitations, shock loading capability, weight, radiation, and surface friction.

As a result of its interlocking...


How to choose this product


A vibration damper is used when it is necessary to insulate machines producing vibrations and noise pollution. It also reduces twisting and limits wear.


These devices are commonly placed between the machine and the floor or between static and moving parts within the machine. They are also used in computers and appliances to reduce noise or to increase the stability of a hard drive or other component.


Elastic models made of flexible material are intended to damp low-level vibrations or for use with relatively light equipment. Hydraulic and spring models are for heavier machinery.

How to choose

Choice will depend primarily on intended use. Available installation space and load are important factors, as is frequency of activity. Determine desired damping characteristics and the possible need for an adjustable system. Damper durability is a function of the temperature, exposure to oil or corrosive products and other parameters of the operating environment.

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