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disturbance damper / vibration - -30 °C ... +50 °C | SLAB SL-xx0 series

ACE SLAB SL-030 to SL-300 damping plates are made of visco-elastic PUR materials with a patented design providing excellent shock absorption. It also achieves reduced structure-borne noise. The inner...

vibration damper / for pipework - WEAR™ series

The ITT ENIDINE WEAR™ Pipe Restraints specially packaged wire rope isolators and offer serious protection for structures and assemblies against vibrations and seismic influences. These restraints use...

vibration damper - 0.5 - 30 lbs

Dashpot damping applications fall into one of the following generic categories: Velocity Control of Solenoids, Spring Loaded Mechanisms, Falling Mass, Creating Time Delay, Vibration Damping, Valve Damping, Limiting Overaction, or Cushioning Impact. At rest, the dashpot is a passive device and has no force output. In motion, the dashpot offers a resisting force which rises to equal the force of the...

disturbance damper / vibration - -30 °C ... +80 °C | 26100

Material, surface finish:
Metal parts, galvanized steel, class 5.6;
elastomer, natural rubber,...

disturbance damper / vibration - -30 °C ... +80 °C | 26105

Material, surface finish:
Metal parts, galvanized steel, class 5.6;
elastomer, natural rubber, medium hardness, 57B Shore A

damper for military applications / vibration - 30 - 600 daN | MM series

The MM anti-vibration mounts, developed to solve vibration isolation problems on Italian Navy vessels, have medium-low frequencies (6-10 Hz) and exceptional strength and...

vibration damper / for pipework - 15 - 375 kg/bar | MOFLEX series

The Moflex flexible pipe joint helps to reduce mechanical vibrations generated at the source (pump) and transmitted along pipes.

The special design of the anti-vibration...

vibration damper - 400 - 10 000 daN | PRP Jacmount® series

The PRP jacmount series from AirLoc Schrepfer is ideally used for quick and precise...

vibration damper - 70 - 600 daN | GLR /B1 series

The economical, tried and proven AirLoc GLR Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers are deployed when dependable vibration and impact...

vibration damper - 150 - 3500 daN | GLP /B1 series

The GLP-S series by AirLoc Schrepfer AG is an anti-vibration machine foot which...

disturbance damper / vibration / camera / for PC - 3 mm, 6 mm | Alpha gel®


thickness 3mm, 6mm

Alpha GEL's softness and high performance have often helped to protect from shock and vibration,...

disturbance damper / vibration / camera / for PC - 1 - 10 mm | Alpha gel®

Alpha GEL Tape and Chip.

thickness 1-10mm

Alpha GEL's softness and high performance have often helped to protect from shock and vibration, senstive devices in electronics such as hard disc.


vibration damper - 0.2 - 300 kg | Alpha gel®

Alpha GEL vibration insulators are used as the last layer in vibration dampening systems as they arrest low-frequency vibrations and micro-vibrations escaping common rubber dampeners. Operable under -40 to 200°C...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

Taica presents Alpha Gel versatile vibration isolators. These are particularly suited in dampening low frequency and micro vibrations and noise, which are typically not removed by materials like rubber. Alpha gel vibration isolators can handle a broad...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

Alpha GEL vibration insulator can absorb vibrations of low frequency which are often hard to isolate through regular dampers like rubbers. -With a proven record of more than 10 years in the field, Alpha GEL insulator shields the system from shock and vibration which become...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

The devices enable slow movements due to thermal dilatation in both directions and oppose only low resistance to such movements. But when the movement speed leads to dynamic forces that are harmful to the installation,...

vibration damper / for lightweight objects - 0.2 - 32 kg | Alpha gel®

Deep Water Exploration and production in hostile environments demands the highest...

vibration damper / for pipework - S series

Utilising our well known TICO S material and drawing on many years of experience in the design of load bearing...

vibration damper - AM_G

Rubber vibration dampers suitable to suspend industrial...

vibration damper - MG

Barrel Rubber antivibration...

vibration damper / for pipework - RJ

The cylindrical body is made from rubber. It contains 2 flanged inserts...

vibration damper / for pipework - RJ

W.M. Berg manufactures metal bonded stud mounts from highly damped Sorbothane, and offers them in many different sizes. The stud mounts have inserts with either male-male,...

vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC HD 24 / 29 BV

In vertical installation with the piston rod pointing down, the bottom valve in the STAB-O-SHOC HD 24/29 BV allows slip-free, direct force transmission. The characteristic curve can be individually...

vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC HD 24/29 MB

The STAB-O-SHOC HD24/29 MB combines the advantages of the bottom valve with the non-specific mounting orientation and is, consequently, the engine and belt tensioning seat damper of choice. Another plus: Arranging...

vibration damper - STAB-O-SHOC TA-Series

The diaphragm against the outside of the pressure tube can easily absorb the additional piston rod volume, resulting in slip-free force transmission in any mounting orientation. Due to the special piston system with valve plates, the damping forces can be set variably and virtually...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Fabreeka transformer mounts are designed using Fabcel isolation pads...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Fabsorb™ material absorbs machine-induced energy, limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Based on decades of experience in design and application...

vibration damper - 1300 lbs

Vibration dampers are different elements to connect two units or to install one unit...

vibration damper - MULTIDAM

The ISOLOC MULTIDAM machine mounting system is very well suited for...

vibration damper - MULTIDAM

The environments in which equipment must often operate—oil, water, ozone, corrosion, and temperature extremes—are as critical to designing materials and assemblies that isolate shock and vibration as factors such as space limitations, shock loading capability, weight, radiation, and surface friction.

As a result of its interlocking...

vibration damper - max. 300 kN/m²

Fans and other rotating machines not only generate airborne noise, but also vibrations which need to be dampened. Otherwise these vibrations can lead to structural damages due to material fatigue. Also increased wear and tear and structural noise is increased. The vibration isolators offered by WITT&SOHN can prevent or at least...

vibration damper - max. 300 kN/m²

The strength of SMAC solutions is based on 3 core competencies:
• the formulation of elastomeric materials such as SMACTANE®, SMACSTIC® and SMACSIL®, etc.
• the R&D department: creates innovative solutions using most modern calculation and simulation tools
• the in situ laboratory (stactic & dynamic tests) to test products performances


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