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water activity analyzer / with integrated temperature controller - LabMaster-aw

The AW Meter LabMaster-aw from Novasina is a full-temperature controlled aw meter used for precise and consistent water activity measurements. It has a reusable SAL-T standards for economy, and is equipped...

water activity analyzer - LabStart-aw

The Labstart-aw model is manufactured by Novasina, and is a starter water activity instrument that is easy to operate and...

water activity analyzer / with integrated temperature controller - LabTouch-aw

Novasina's LabTouch-aw is a semi-temperature controlled aw meter accurate water activity measurements. It features easily accessible menus through a large touch-screen, re-usable SAL-T standards for economy, and a resisitive-electrolytic...

water activity analyzer / with integrated temperature controller - ATEX | WATERACT®

WATERACT® is a compact water activity sensor and analyzer. The device is used in measuring real-time water activities. The device uses Reefuge® technology which gives unrivaled endurance...

water activity analyzer / with integrated temperature controller - ± 0.003 aw, 15 - 50 °C | AquaLab 4TE

With this benchtop water activity meter from AquaLab, readings are ready in five minutes or less. It has an accuracy of ±0.003 aw, which can be verified with independent salt standards....

water activity analyzer - ± 0.015 aw | AquaLab 4TEV

The unit has the complete functionality of the Series 4TE with additional explosive-detector for analysis of samples containing propylene glycol, ethanol and other unpredictable fluids. The 4TEV unit has easy switching feature with both an explosive capacitance sensing unit...

water activity analyzer - ActiVACQ

TMI-Orion is introducing an equipment for measuring water activity based on a totally new and patented physical principle close to the definion of...

water activity analyzer / hand-held - HygroPalm - HP23-AW-A

The HygroPalm HP23-AW-A offers the perfect solution for on-site water activity measurements to confirm product stability and indicate shelf life. The HP23-AW-A is suitable as a mobile laboratory unit. Equal to the HygroLab C1 the HP23-AW-A is perfect as a portable...

water activity analyzer - HygroLab C1

The HygroLab C1 by Rotronic AG is a Water activity analyzer which is designed for measuring water activity that uses a four probes. The probes are used...

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