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video Decagon Devices, Inc. ± 0.003 aw, 15 - 50 °C | AquaLab 4TE
With integrated temperature controller ± 0.003 aw, 15 - 50 °C | AquaLab 4TE Decagon Devices, Inc.

Benchtop Water Activity Meter Fast: water activity meter gets readings in 5 minutes or less Accurate: ±0.003 aw Verifiable with independent salt standards Repeatable: different users,...

Decagon Devices, Inc. ± 0.015 aw | AquaLab 4TEV
For volatile samples ± 0.015 aw | AquaLab 4TEV Decagon Devices, Inc.

All the features of the Series 4TE plus a volatiles sensor for measuring samples containing propylene glycol, ethanol and other volatiles. Easy Switching The 4TEV comes with both a volatiles capacitance...

video Decagon Devices, Inc. ± 0.02 aw | AquaLab Pawkit
Handheld ± 0.02 aw | AquaLab Pawkit Decagon Devices, Inc.

Affordable, Portable Water Activity Lightweight - just 4 ounces Pocket-sized - 3.5 x 4 inches Battery-operated Easy two point calibration Self-contained - low maintenance sensor and...

4 products Novasina AG
Novasina AG LabMaster-aw
With integrated temperature controller LabMaster-aw Novasina AG

Laboratory instrument LabMaster-aw - High accuracy and repeatability - Temperature controlled measuring chamber - Increased measurement speed - Measurement cell with saved calibration data -...

Novasina AG LabSwift-aw
LabSwift-aw Novasina AG

Portable instrument LabSwift-aw - fast and accurate aw-value measurement - simple handling, intuitive menu structure - accurate electrolytic measuring technology - data logger function with SD...

video Novasina AG LabTouch-aw
With integrated temperature controller LabTouch-aw Novasina AG

Touch a new world, driven by the ease of use and fast menu access by a touch-screen combined with a semi-temperature-stabilised measurement chamber for consistent and reproducible measurement results....

Novasina AG LabStart-aw
LabStart-aw Novasina AG

Portable low cost precision instrument for water activity measurement (aW) in foodstuff and powder products. This compact low...

1 products Avenisense
Avenisense ATEX | WATERACT®
With integrated temperature controller ATEX | WATERACT® Avenisense

The WATERACT® is a smart, rugged and compact analyzer dedicated to water activity measurements in real time. The product line benefits from the protecting Reefuge® technology that...

1 products TMI ORION

TMI-Orion is introducing an equipment for measuring water activity based on a totally new and patented physical principle close to the definion...

1 products ROTRONIC AG

ROTRONIC provides a high-end laboratory device the HygroLab C1 for water activity measurements with up to four probes. Connect station probes and insertion probes for measuring water activity in cheese,...

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