water tank / stainless steel / carbon steel / washing
water tank

... Float Tanks are used for washing and cleaning plastics in Washing Lines. Type of Sink Float Tank is chosen according to the type of plastic.For floating plastics tanks that can transfer ...

water tank / for effluents / fabric / PVC
water tank

Capacity: 0.5 m³ - 4 m³

Used for water transportation in vehicles, flexible tanks are made with a regular section, assembled by high frequency welding in PVC material. They are divided internally in several compartments through ...

stormwater tank / metal / overhead / storage
stormwater tank

Capacity: 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 8,000 l

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water tank / stainless steel / truck-mounted / water storage
water tank
NS 25

Capacity: 24.5 m³

... storing water for fire extinguishing. Optional water additions to transported water are only allowed if they do not cause damage to the lacquer layer or equipment of the tank. Water ...

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wastewater tank / HDPE / primary settling / vertical
wastewater tank

Capacity: 2,000 l

... container. Each primary tank is fitted with an effluent filter in the water outlet pipe as standard. An integrated extension set is a feature of every BIOROCK-ST model. Being available in a 1x compartment ...

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oil tank / for water / nitrogen / oxygen
oil tank
VEC01xxx, VEC02xxx series

Capacity: 4,000, 5,000, 10,000, 8,000, 6,000 l
Pressure: 12, 16, 8 bar

• Material: carbon steel • Fluid content: compressed air / nitrogen / argon / helium / water / oil / oxygen (Group 1 - hydrogen excluded) • Finishing: external Ral 5015 blue paint (standard) • Upon request: inspection ...

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water cistern / metal / truck-mounted / transport
water cistern

Capacity: 1,000 l

stormwater tank / overhead / recovered materials / vertical
stormwater tank

... monitoring station combining pump, controller and built-in mains water top-up. It can easily be installed at any required area of any single-family dwelling. The rainwater is pumped from a tank through ...

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wastewater tank / metal / settling / vertical
wastewater tank
Conical Settlement Tank

Capacity: 8.5, 11.5, 21.5, 35.4, 59.2 m³

... Settlement Tanks can be used in conjunction with WPL treatment products or to complement existing process units for wastewater treatment in commercial and municipal applications. WPL Conical Settlement ...

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WPL Ltd - Sewage Treatment & Wastewater Solutions
AdBlue tank / for wastewater / fabric / flexible
AdBlue tank
101 - 1 141 kg

Capacity: 30 m³ - 500 m³

... fermentable liquids. Our flexible tanks are often used as a buffer storage before treatment or land-spreading. The quality of our fabric and equipment makes it possible to store many types of liquid : ...

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stormwater tank / metal / water storage / vertical
stormwater tank

Capacity: 150 l - 30,000 l

... Enduramaxx Vertical Rainwater Tanks are designed for uses throughout the agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural, industrial and irrigation markets. Rainwater is part of the never-ending water ...

water tank / PVC / storage / for solar heating
water tank
P series

Capacity: 300 l - 5,000 l

Water heaters. Buffer tanks Buffer tank P - without coil Accumulates the heat generated by boiler; recommended for each space-heating system. Ensures optimum operating mode of biomass ...

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NES - New Energy Systems
water tank / fabric / flexible / storage
water tank

... all types of vehicles in several fluids. They also are capable of fitting into small spaces to provide an additional reserve tank.

wastewater tank / plastic / settling / horizontal
wastewater tank
VL series

The flotation tank is used to settle and separate ground plastic materials, having regular size, by density. Each flotation tank is customized basing on the material to be treated, and is equipped with ...

wastewater tank / metal / settling / vertical
wastewater tank
A series

Capacity: 0.5 m³ - 2 m³

The dewatering container (also drainage container, separation container) is used for sludge dewatering or transportation. Leiblein dewatering containers are low-cost solutions for dewatering of small loads of mineral sludge. The sludge ...

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Leiblein GmbH
wastewater tank / metal / settling / vertical
wastewater tank

Capacity: 750 l - 30,980 l

CVC-DC-TC Primary Treatment Remove suspended solids. CVA-DC-TC Primary Treatment Remove suspended solids.

water tank / plastic / distribution / cleaning
water tank
Orbio® os3

Capacity: 190 l

On-Site Generation system from Orbio generates a multisurface cleaner​ and a disinfectant right on site.​ Orbio® os3 — Small, Simple, Affordable Early adopters of On-site Generation (OSG) asked Orbio Technologies for a smaller, more ...

oil tank / water / coolant / process
oil tank

... tailored. Using integrated or auxiliary tanks, coolant is quickly cleaned and recycled during the machining process, resulting in fewer interruptions and less downtime. APPLICATIONS Any application using water ...

water tank / foam / firefighting
water tank

Capacity: 500, 2,200 l

Fire Module2 X 2200 L water tank500 L foam tankHydraulic driven water pumptwo outletsfoam mixerHydraulic driven compressor 0.4 m³/min4 pcs fire hoses 2″/20 mHandheld water ...

thermal fluid tank / for water / treatment
thermal fluid tank

process water tank / for test benches
process water tank

... hydraulic testing without main process water supply line in the workshop. Water drainage from several units (up to 4) to the tank. Providing a closed cycle of water ...

water tank / nitrogen / air / pressure
water tank
TR Series

Capacity: 110 l - 1,000 l
Pressure: 15 Pa

TR Series Interchangeable Membrane Pressure Tanks Description : Inside the vessels used in sanitary applications is a totally hygiene butyl membrane that will not taint the water with ...

water tank / nitrogen / air / pressure
water tank
TH Series

Capacity: 8 l - 110 l
Pressure: 6 bar - 10 bar

Interchangeable Membrane Pressure Tanks Description : Inside the vessels used in sanitary applications is a totally hygiene butyl membrane that will not taint the water with odor. The ...

water tank / nitrogen / air / pressure
water tank
T/TM Series

Capacity: 8 l - 5,000 l
Pressure: 6 bar - 10 bar

Interchangeable Membrane Pressure Tanks Description : Inside the vessels used in sanitary applications is a totally hygiene butyl membrane that will not taint the water with odor. The ...

water tank / PVC covering
water tank

Capacity: 1, 2, 3, 5 m³

... Accessories: inner disposable containment cloths, covers, perimetral belts of security, safety carpets anti pollution, tanks and open pools can be customized on depending of usage.

water tank / PVC covering / washing / fluid collection
water tank

... Features: washing tank equipped by upper edge, along the perimeter eyelets to assembly an upper slight cloth of covering (it is an supplemental accessory). Perimetral and self supporting edges are walkable area, in function ...

storage tank / for water / for water treatment / vertical
storage tank

We can supply storage tanks completely in steel or with the bottom in reinforced concrete, on the basis of the required volume.

flexible tank / water / polyester / storage
flexible tank

Capacity: 6 m³ - 18 m³

... type S flexible tank is designed for use a load in testing concrete slabs and other load bearing structures. These cushion-shaped tanks are composed of a robust extra-strong polyester outer coated in ...