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Panasonic presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. Customers have the possibility to decide freely whether to use an externally...


The Smart Laser manufactured by Comau is a three dimensional laser welding robot that is availabe for operation worldwide. This device features an original Comau...


TQL-MFC300-IRB4600 Robot Laser Welding and Cutting Machine is a robot laser that can be used for both welding and cutting purposes. The device can be used for intellective robot fiber cutting. It is especially useful...


The TruLaser Robot is a highly integrated turnkey system from TRUMPF. It can be integrated into a laser network very well, thus minimizing...


This Bug-O gantry and side beam unit is engineered to be used in applications like...


The UP6 is belonged to the welding robot category. It has a 6mm controlled axes...

The UP20 Series of 6-Axis Material Robot, manufactured by SINCOSALD, is specifically designed...

The 20-3 UP20-6 model is a 6 axis welding material robot developed by SINCOSALD. It is...


Robot Welding System for Processing of Assemblies with Beams and Welded Attachments

Dimensions (l x w x h incl. suction device):


The Plants from Siad are equipped high reliability capable of ensuring the continuity of the cycle and the high...


Best quality at higher productivity
With its optimised design and the use of innovative technology, the new generation of QIROX® welding robots offers the shortest acceleration and deceleration times as well as particularly high offset speeds. Despite their enormous dynamics, the systems operate very precisely and, thanks to the exact conversion...

The QIROX® welding robots with a hollow shaft in the wrist (QRH) have the wire drive unit integrated in the robot arm. In contrast to the traditional models, the...

The new range – with seventh axis

7. Achse Due to the modular product design, the new generation of QIROX® welding robots can be optionally equipped with a seventh axis. The excenter axis mounted in the robot base permits horizontal movement of the robot up to...


Sinergo has developed an SI fast robot for e.m. induction soldering in the automotive industry. The handling on four Sinergo axes X Y Z R and speeds up to 400mm/sec will increase the...

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