bearing wheel type roller / metal / ball bearing
bearing wheel type roller

Anti-vibration components includes the following elements: bushes, spherical-bearings, buffers, cabin mounts, shock absorbers, engine mounts, suspensions, springs, couplings, etc. They are used in various fields such as the railway industry, ...

conveying wheel type roller / ball bearing
conveying wheel type roller

Track rollers Track rollers Track rollers are designed to run on all types of tracks and to be used in cam drives, ...

tensioner wheel type roller / plastic / for the automotive industry
tensioner wheel type roller

Gates manufacture tensioners which are utilized for extreme applications involving damping, vibration, tension and alignment on particular attachments for engine drives. These automatic devices are made with stable and firm design structures ...

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Gates Europe
guide roller / handling / polypropylene / for conveyors
guide roller

Outer diameter: 48, 52 mm
Force: 200, 50 N
Inside diameter: 6.5, 8.2 mm

... e.g. it can be used as side guide roller. The material selected is a particularly impact-resistant polymer. The wheel features a double ball race made of steel, which ensures particularly quiet running. ...

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tensioner wheel type roller / plastic
tensioner wheel type roller

Tensioning rollers are used for the purpose of tensioning on the belt's outside of the belt which is the back of belt. These rollers can be mounted rigidly. Alternatively, these can be combined with tensioning ...

pallet trucks wheel type roller / polyamide / ball bearing
pallet trucks wheel type roller
KHK series

Outer diameter: 80 mm - 85 mm
Force: 5,000 N - 13,000 N
Inside diameter: 20 mm

Wheel: Made of high quality polyamide with deep groove ball bearing, natural colour. Different sizes are also available with ball bearings for axle ø 17 and 25 mm. Please change the last two digits of the order no. accordingly. Example ...

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guide roller / stainless steel / V-profile rail
guide roller

Outer diameter: 19.6 mm - 59.9 mm
Force: 2.3 N - 9.9 N
Inside diameter: 4.9 mm - 15 mm

The V-Guide roller bearing components from PBC are adequate solution for multiple motion control applications. They deliver an easy and noiseless operation at travel speeds reaching up to 8 m/s with medium accuracy requirements. ...

guide roller / steel
guide roller

Outer diameter: 40 mm

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Sankyo Oilless Industry
pallet trucks wheel type roller / polyurethane / for conveyor systems / for heavy loads
pallet trucks wheel type roller
JUWAthan® series

Outer diameter: 85, 140, 200, 90 mm
Force: 3.7 kN - 49 kN
Inside diameter: 35, 25, 70 mm

... the JUWAthan plus roller. The side-by-side double roller system provides higher load capacity (2x2 ball bearings) and offers greatly reduced rolling resistance. Turning of the steerable trolley requires ...

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JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH
guide roller / plastic
guide roller
SS-RMZ series

Outer diameter: 10 mm - 24.5 mm
Inside diameter: 3 mm - 6 mm

Boca Bearing Company provides guide roller, with inner dimension of 3 mm - 6 mm, and outer dimension of 10 mm - 20 mm. The roller is coated with urethane rubber and fixed by special processing on its ...

guide roller / stainless steel / for heavy loads
guide roller

Outer diameter: 55 mm - 115 mm
Inside diameter: 21 mm - 42 mm

Guide rollers with tapered roller bearings.The sides of the race are convex with radius R = 400 Standard seals: material NBR, RS type• On request, the guide rollers can ...

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bearing wheel type roller / stainless steel / heavy-duty
bearing wheel type roller

... where large loads or low track surface hardness is found. There are two types of bearings in the roller followers namely the full complement types and the caged type. ...

bearing wheel type roller / steel
bearing wheel type roller
Y, Y--L series

Outer diameter: 0.75 mm - 7 mm
Inside diameter: 0.25 mm - 2.75 mm

... both screwdriver slot and unsealed cam followers (HexLube®). The hex head feature being the preferred mounting method for stud-type cam followers, can easily be lubricated in tight spots or when stud access is restricted. ...

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RBC Bearings
tensioner wheel type roller / steel
tensioner wheel type roller

Tension rollers. A large selection of smooth and toothed tensioning and return rollers with and without flanges are available to achieve complex belt concepts and to set the pre-tension force for rotary ...

pallet trucks wheel type roller / steel
pallet trucks wheel type roller

Pallet roller, thick wall precision steel hub with Vulkollan tyre, 92° Shore A

bearing wheel type roller
bearing wheel type roller
CRF series

... capacity roller has been designed mainly for cam mechanisms as well as to satisfy specific use conditions where both torque and dynamic forces assume some significant values. Generally high intensity shocks follow these ...

idler wheel type roller / polyurethane
idler wheel type roller

... Polyurethane idler rollers will also help absorb vibration and shock. Here at Plan Tech, we offer polyurethane recovering services for most existing wheels. Plan Tech can also fabricate new cores or reprocess ...

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Plan Tech Inc
pallet trucks wheel type roller / polyurethane
pallet trucks wheel type roller
PR series

Outer diameter: 82 mm - 200 mm
Force: 4,500 N - 7,500 N
Inside diameter: 20 mm

Antistatic wheels, cricket screen wheels, electrically conductive wheels, pallet rollers in nylon or polyurethane. Also heavy duty wheels for agricultural ...

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pallet trucks wheel type roller / polyurethane
pallet trucks wheel type roller
PN series

Outer diameter: 75 mm - 85 mm
Force: 2,800 N - 7,900 N

Rollers with WICKE-TOPTHANE®-tyres moulded on metal core, with ball bearings Options: • RS ball bearings • Additional sealing inserts • Tube between the bearings

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pallet trucks wheel type roller / steel
pallet trucks wheel type roller

Outer diameter: 75 mm - 82 mm

APPLICATIONS Pallet trucks and heavy-load materials handling requiring only a small wheel diameter. High degree of resistance to abrasion. WHEEL RIM: machined steel. TYRE: cast bonded polyurethane. HUB: ...

guide roller / polyamide / ball bearing
guide roller

Outer diameter: 32 mm - 174 mm
Force: 300 N - 1,750 N

wheels with ball bearing • Outer ring moulded in PA6 or delrin

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bearing wheel type roller / stainless steel / POM / for pulley drives
bearing wheel type roller

Outer diameter: 41 mm
Inside diameter: 6.3 mm

... bearing pulleys out ring with U Groove. and the bearing is made of stainless steel,rust proof is his advantage. Application: The type of the bearing pulley is widely used in cable pulling machines... Specification Model ...

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Dongguan Kentie Bearing Co., Ltd
guide roller / steel / stainless steel / ball bearing
guide roller

Guide Rollers Modern Linear Guide Rollers incorporate double row, angular contact ball bearings resulting in excellent load capacity and long life under radial, axial, and combination loads. The super-finished ...

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Modern Linear
guide roller / stainless steel
guide roller
LFR series

Outer diameter: 13 mm - 110 mm
Force: 850 N - 69,000 N
Inside diameter: 4 mm - 40 mm

Track rollers with Gothic arch groove - type LFR - Series LFR rollers are the most widely-use and economy product among the linear motion track rollers, ...

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guide roller / steel / for sliding doors
guide roller

Outer diameter: 10 mm - 25 mm