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Hot air curtain / vertical / with electric heating
5 500 m³/h | VENESSE Comfort 2VV s.r.o.


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  • Other characteristics:

    with electric heating


VENESSE Comfort is manufactured an easy-to-use air curtain with new insulation technology that allows us to deliver the quietest operation even during high performance. The maximum acoustic pressure value at 3 m is 55 dB (A) when air output is 5500 m3/h. The air curtain’s height is 2.5 meters, and it is intended for doors as wide as 7.5 m. It is produced with an electrical filament heater in two performance versions (24 kW and 36 kW), as well as with water heater and air-only versions. The air curtain is equipped with an anchor stand that can be attached to either side of the air curtain for determining its installation position and connections. The air outlet is equipped with a composite system of easily adjustable lamellas that allow effective adjustment of air output direction. The water exchanger has two air release valves that also serve as draw-off valves to allow easy air release or purging. The air curtain is offered with electronic controls that can operate up to six curtains. In this mode, each air curtain reacts individually to the door switch that is connected to it. The VENESSE Comfort air curtain comes in standard white color (RAL 9010) or can be custom made in any RAL color, as well as stainless steel.

- Electric heater, water heater and air-only versions
- Height: 2.5 m
- Air output up to 5500 m3/h
- Output for door widths up to 7.5 m
- Insulated cover, guaranteeing the quietest operation, 55 dB (A)
- Two-sided, left-right design
- Connects from the top or bottom
- Easily adjustable air lamellas
- Easy access through removable service cover
- Easy mounting on stand


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