3-axis machining center / universal / laser
microSTRUCT vario™ 3D Micromac



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Laser micromachining system for ablation, structuring, cutting and drilling of various materials

Due to the advancing miniaturization in electronics, semiconductor manufacturing and medical technology, it has become increasingly indispensable to possess the capability of machining smaller and finer structures into various substrates.

The microSTRUCT vario is equipped with three working areas and perfectly suited for the processing of different kinds of substrates, e.g. metals, alloys, transparent and biological material, ceramics and thin films.

The major advantages of the system are its maximal degree of freedom regarding the positioning of the substrate, its open system concept for the integration of different laser sources for sequential operation as well as its flexible, upgradeable control concept for a possible future integration of further components (e.g. additional axis systems and optical components).