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double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic / industrial
82310 3M Electronics



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  • Backing:


  • Applications:


  • Operating temperature:

    Min.: -20 °F (-28.89 °C)

    Max.: 300 °F (148.89 °C)


82310 3M™ Electronic Double Sided Tape approximates 0.10 mm measurement, is a strong adhesive that is used on a wide array of electronic applications. It is infused with an acrylic element that enables extended utilization with different thermal specifications and varying substrate components.

A transparent polyester carrier allows improved tacking strength which results to convenient die-cutting and lamination procedures. Its adhesive elements permit critical temperature and substance tolerance for upgraded functionality. There is no adverse effect on the bond line after exposed to 100% relative humidity at 100 degree Fahrenheit. It can endure exposure to air and ultraviolet light through their strong oxidation and ozone forbearance.

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