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oil mist separator / disc stack / oil / liquid coolant
Anna 600 3nine



  • Technology:

    disc stack

  • Separated substance:

    oil, liquid coolant, oil mist

  • Application domain:

    for grinding processes

  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, compact, high-efficiency

  • Flow rate:

    600 m³/h (21,188.8 ft³/h)


The oil mist separator Anna is suitable for machine tools with a cabin volume of up to 6m³/h/212CF and can produce an airflow of 600m³/h/352CFM.
The Anna will effectively clean the oil mist from the workshop environment and deliver a 99.95% particle free air. Like all the oil mist separators from 3nine, the Anna can be mounted directly on top of the machine tool, on a pillar stand or on a wall/column stand.