temperature monitoring device / level / speed / alignment
T500 ELITE HOTBUS | T5004V4CAI, T5004V46CAI 4B Braime Components



  • Type:

    temperature, level, speed, alignment

  • Applications:

    for conveyors bearing, for belt conveyors, for bucket elevators

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, Modbus, Ethernet, ATEX, PROFIBUS, cloud-based hazard


T500 Elite is a hot bus system, as well as a serial network for continuous remote sensor mounting. The maintenance tools are fully compatible with existing systems, while the item also accepts input signals from a total of 256 sensors. The trip-points are suitable for alarms and shut-downs, while the item is easy to use and utilizes the "HotBus" communications system. Each of the monitors comes with 256 sensors, bearing speed sensors, misalignment and more.

The item consists of a fieldbus to which users can connect HOTBOX modules, but no more than 64. The reduced wiring and the high speed (four-second scan time) complete the list of features, while the universal system works with various sensor types. The design is a user-friendly one, while the two-point temperature control allows fixed temperatures for alarm or machine shutdown.