forged chain link / conveyor chain
4B142NA, 4B142HA, 4B 102LA, 142LA, 142NA, 142HA, 150NA, 160 4B Braime Components



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    conveyor chain


The Rockwell C57 by 4B Braime Elevator Components is a forged conveyor chain links which features its chain that is made out of high grade alloy steel and treated with special heat. The heat treatment process enables the product to have a more resilient ductile core designed for resistant to shock. Also, it has an extremely hard exterior surface enabling it to have high wear resistance. For this equipment, it comes with three main style, the standard, double and triple links. It comes with different variation of chain pitches such as 102LA, 102NA, 125NA, 142LA, 142NA, 142HA, 150NA, 160NA, 175NA, 200NA, 216NA, 250NA, 260NA. Plus, the double and triple styles are designed for specific application which has a superior capacity throughput.