forged chain / drive / handling / steel
Bolt 'n' Go, 4B102BNA, 4B142BNA, 4B142BHA 4B Braime Components



  • Type:

    drive, handling

  • Material:

    steel, stainless steel

  • Configuration:

    forged, hollow-pin, standard link

  • Other characteristics:

    wear-resistant, high-strength, low-noise

  • Product applications:


  • Field:

    for the food industry, agriculture

  • Chain pitch:

    Max.: 142 mm

    Min.: 102 mm


The Bolt 'n' Go Conveyor Chains by 4B provides a very cost-effective type of tool with a simple and easy assembly process used on several specific sites. It offers an accurate calculated flight force with an extremely low noise which ensures and guarantees a safe and secure usage for several applications.