bucket belt fastener / for elevators
BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4 4B Braime Components


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    for elevators


4B Braime manufactures Heavy Duty Elevator Belt Splice like 4B Braime Clamp for secure belt fastening on large bucket elevators. Pioneers in this type of belt clamp; it is designed from three pieces of extruded aluminum inclusive of a center wedge section for minimizing belt wear. The textile belts uses BC1 and BC2; whereas BC2 can also be used along with BC3 and BC4 on steel web belting. Designed with an additional three piece machined steel vise grip section the BC2, BC3 and BC4 ride above the aluminum base clamp securing secure the steel cords within a steel web belt. It is available in 4 versions for belts up to 2500 kN/m with extruded aluminum construction (main body) & machined steel (steel cord vise grip section).