Pt100 temperature sensor / RTD / NTC / thermistor
WDB7 series 4B Braime Components



  • Technology:

    Pt100, RTD, NTC, thermistor

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for surface temperature measurement, for bearings

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 50 °C (122 °F)

    Max.: 90 °C (194 °F)


The Lug Style Surface Temperature Sensor is used for regular monitoring of the surface temperature. Developed by 4B, it is designed to connect directly onto a bearing housing, motor, gearbox or machine casing. It is a surface mount installation with a mounting hold that measures at M8 and is easily connected to hazard monitoring systems. Featuring a 1/2 NPT conduit entry or a PT100 type , connections are not susceptible to polarity issues thus there is no need for special connection requirements. It is approved for use in ATEX, IECEX Zone 20 dust hazard areas. It is also made of thermistor or platinum RTD which accounts for its temperature monitoring capability at surface areas. Proper installation and maintenance of the equipment is a must.