Fiberglass filter medium / for air filtration
AmerKleen M-80 AAF International


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for air filtration

  • Medium thickness:

    Min.: 2 in

    Max.: 3.75 in


The AmerKleen M-80 is a high efficiency, adhesive impregnated glass fiber pad held in a retaining frame. AmerKleen filters are particularly suited for use as prefilters in engine, turbine, and smooth flow compressor intake air systems.

AmerKleen continuous filament fiberglass media is designed with progressive density construction to prevent faceloading while increasing arrestance and dust holding capacity. Dirt loads from back to front, taking advantage of the entire thickness of the media. A coating of Viscosine adhesive helps retain particles as they impinge on fibers, preventing them from breaking away and flowing downstream. Thermosetting plastic bonds the media fibers at each intersection to form a strong, thick resilient pad.

The M-80 pad is disposable and easy to install. By compressing the 3.75" deep pad into the 2" depth of the retaining frame, installing the AmerKleen also increases the density of the pad and its arrestance (89% average).


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