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EMC-shielding fabric
80 dB, 0,25 - 1 m² | X-Steel Aaronia AG

80dB RF shielding fabric Aaronia X-Steel (0,25m²)
• Extremely breathable
• Very easy to handle even for the novice
• usable to over 600 degree Celsius
• Length per standard packaging unit: 0,25m, • 1m (0,25m², 1m²). .Also available as cut good
• Foldable, Frost proof, Washable
• Color: Stainless Steel
• Width: approx. 0,25m or 1m
• Thickness: 1mm
• Mesh size: approx. 0,1mm!
• Weight: approx. 15g/m²
• Mesh material: special Stainless Steel


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