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    for electrical networks

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Aaronia REAL TIME spectrum analyzer SPECTRAN V5 is the first of its kind analyzer with ultra fast LO sweeps (μS DDS sweep) equipped with high resolution TFT display with 800x480 pixel resolution and integrated 3D motion sensor (gyro sensor) and 3D magnetic field sensor (compass and position control).Smallest and best-priced it is a real-time spectrum analyzer worldwide with modular construction for fast extension and customization of the front end. Its patented polyphase filter technology with patented spectrum analysis without upper lying LO (modulated LO) produces extremely low noise (170dBm/Hz) to analyze even weakest signals. Its 200MHz real-time bandwidth enables real time streaming with real time remote control (GSM, WLAN, USB). A high speed USB 2.0 (480K/s) with USB Slave interface (to connect diverse devices like GSM, WLan, printer, memory etc.) provides excellent communication with micro SD Slot (supports Aaronia micro SDHC cards with more than 10MB/s) for storage options. It has an integrated lithium polymer battery (LiPo) with 7800mAh for up to 3 hours run time with power consumption of 15-20W.

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