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radio antenna / biconical / log-periodic / hybrid
HyperLOG20600 EMI Aaronia AG



  • Network:


  • Type:

    biconical, log-periodic

  • Other characteristics:

    hybrid, mobile

  • Frequency:

    Max.: 6 GHz

    Min.: 0.02 GHz

  • Gain:



The products feature an ultra high professional EMC/EMI that has pre-compliance test antenna and meets the latest EMI/EMC standards from 2011 up to 6GHz. This product also has very high accuracy to be used as a reference antenna, suitable for immunity measurements including exhaustive calibration data (on CD) High quality rubber paint for perfect antenna protection the ultra wide bandwidth and very high gain over the total frequency range Coverage of various mobile radio frequency ranges.

The product dimension measures 1550x1400x650 mm and weighs 6,5kg. It is compatible with any spectrum analyzer brand design like biconical & logarithmic-periodic and the minimum frequency range is 20MHz to 6GHz. The maximum input power is 310W AM and immunity test field strength is 10V/mm. The nominal impedance is 50 Ohm and the accuracy is 0,3dB VSWR: <2:1(typ.).The gain is 6dBi (typ.0 and the calibration points is 5970 or 1MHz-steps and it has 10 years warranty. The RF connection is N (f) or SMA look for the optional adapter for more information and antenna factor, look for the data sheet graph for more info.

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