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universal data-logger / USB / without display / programmable
Aaronia AG



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    without display

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  • Applications:

    GPS, for automobiles, dynamic test


The GPS logger with Gyro & Tiltsensor, is a device manufactured Aaronia GPS. It is a logger that includes a total of 5 sensors. The main purpose of the GPS logger consists of recording the position and even the orientation of the Aaronia antennas.

The GPS sensor allows for easy collection and documentation of your measurement position , including elevation information . The interesting feature of the product is that the tilt-sensor and the digital compass on which the inclination and orientation of the antenna can be recorded and evaluated during the measurement.

The logger has three operating modes namely streaming / logging on the internal ( removable) μSD Card, completely independently as a stand- alone device, continuous recording via USB port (PC, Linux or MAC OS), and transfer of files stored in internal μSD Card (PC, Linux or MAC OS).

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