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23,5 MHz - 6 GHz | BPSG6 Aaronia AG



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Signal Generator BPSG6

The new signal generator series BPSG from Aaronia offer an unprecedented mix of performance, design and functions, especially in its price category. The extremely high output level of up to +18dBm and the dynamic range of up to 63dB are the strenghts of BPSG4 among others.


World smallest battery powered and intelligent stand alone RF generator up to 6GHz

Generator can be programmed with simple or very complex batch programs which start automatically after every power on (e.g. generate a fixed frequency and level OR start a specific sweep etc. )

Can be used as mini RF frequency and power level calibrator

Stable frequency generation, thanks to the internal TCXO timebase

Extremely compact and lightweight (150g)

Incl. PC control software

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