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communication network analyzer / power / spectrum / portable
1 MHz - 9.4 GHz | HF-60100 Aaronia AG



  • Measured entity:

    communication network

  • Measured value:

    power, spectrum

  • Configuration:



The HF-6060 V4, manufactured by Aaronia AG® , is a spectrum analyzer with handheld sensitivity of an up to 1 Hz. It has a maximum signal of up to +40 dBm that enables multitude signal measurement in an up to 9.4 GHz with a limited ICNIRP calculation. Furthermore, it has a 14 Bit Dual-ADC with a DDC hardware filter in a 150 MIPS DSP. Plus, a 1 MHz to 9,4 GHz frequency range along with a maximum range measurement of -155 dBm (1Hz), and 170 dBm (1Hz), if PreAmp. In addition, it has a +20dBm AnbsMax level with an option of +20 dBm, in a lowest possible filter of 200 Hz for TCXO option and a 1 mS lowest possible sample time.

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