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1 Hz - 1 MHz | NF-5030 Aaronia AG



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    for electrical networks

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The Spectran NF-5030 from Aaronica is an EMF low frequency spectrum analyzer with E and H sensor. The unit has a frequency range of 1Hz to 1MHz, expendable to 20MHz and 30MHz.

It features a measurement range of up to DIN/VDE 0848, typical level range E-Field of 0,1V/m to 20kV/m, typical level range H-Field of 0,1nT to 2mT, typical level range DDC H-Field of 1pT to 2mT, typical level range DDC Analog in 200nV to 200mV / -150dBm (Hz) and typical accuracy of 3%.

The unit also features an reliable speed of FFT spectrum analysis, and a high-performance DSP or Digital Signal Processor.

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