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field meter / electromagnetic / selective / portable
1 MHz - 9.4 GHz | HF-60100V4 Aaronia AG



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    selective, portable


EMC spectrum has 9.4 GHz at incredible price with all most desired to have nothing. Its incredibly -170dBm sensitivity when have most current and expensive competitors. As there are option by which a maximum signal level of +40dBm is been allowed to get measurement of a signal source method of 9.4GHz and has a calculation of ICNIRP limits. It is a 14Bit Dual-ADC where it has a hardware filter of DDC. It has the frequency range of 1Mhz to 9.4GHz and a maximum range of -155dBm. It has the lowest possible filter which is 200Hz and has measurement antenna of practical handling that has lowest sampleTime which is 1ms

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