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EMC shielding fabric
50 dB (1 GHz) Aaronia AG

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EMC shielding fabric EMC shielding fabric - 50 dB (1 GHz)


  • Applications:

    for EMC shielding


Aaronia's novel EMC and RF Shielding-Fabrics Aaronia-Shield is composed of a patented and advanced shielding fiber. It is antiseptic, transparent and washable. The application of this product involves rf shielding canopies and emc emi shielding-chamber, curtains, cloth, fly screens and many more. It provides a 1000fold good shielding performance and security particularly in the high GHz ranges which are within the microwave ovens, aviation radar, mobile phones and many more.

The fiber prevents different kinds of rf "electrosmog" just like A2000+ series.

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