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Electrical network analyzer / spectrum / portable
Aaronia AG


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    for electrical networks

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The The HF-60100 V4 is a hand-geld spectrum analyzer manufactured by AARONIA AG®. This device is equipped with a 14-Bit dual ADC, a DDC hardware filter and a 150 MIPS DSP CPU.

This device offers a frequency range from 1 MHz up to 9,4 GHz. It has a maximum measurement range of -155dBm (1Hz) up to -170dBm (1Hz). The lowest possible filter is 200 Hz and the lowest possible time is 1 mS. It offers an accuracy rate of +/- 1 dB. It can function up to 100X faster SampleTime than Rev2 and up to 80dB higher sensitivity than Rev.3.


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