video corpo

communication network analyzer / water / spectrum / portable
1 Hz - 9.4 GHz Aaronia AG



  • Measured entity:

    communication network, water

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The EMC Bundle 3 is perfect measuring kit. The Kit combines both the EMC Bundle 1 and the EMC bundle 2 it which saves on the time consuming EMC lab costs. You can be perfectly equipped for all measurements challenges such, the EMC Pre Compliance measurement. You will also be able to pinpoint sources of interference, measurement of interference, field strength verification of shielding along with filtering and identifying components with faults detecting circuitry overly sensitive for interference patented technology. With the patented spectrum analyzer method Araonia is able to offer professional RF and EMF measurement at a unique price level. Unit is able to detect interference sources, allowing users to find out more about the cause while establishing the frequency along with the intensity of the signal sources, measure limits while boosting the functionality through the use of high end PC software through the integrated USB. The award winning, all NF SPECTRAN units come equipped with and without award winning REAL 3D isotropic magnetic sensor.

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