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  • Function:

    monitoring, reporting, planning, ERP, scheduling


Advanced Planning & Scheduling in abas ERP
Between rising costs, raw material scarcities, increasingly complex manufacturing processes, and customers' growing demands for quality, the value of agility has never been greater. Whether your business specializes in mass production, small series or make-to-order, abas ERP offers sophisticated tools to help your team efficiently plan and manage your production processes.

Production nerve center

The informative overview of deadlines, materials and capacities available in APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) gives you access to the data you need and enables you to intervene in production as necessary—from planning your resources, work prep and releases to monitoring production processes and reporting work order completions. abas ERP manages product variants and subcontractors, provides automatic work order suggestions, and coordinates combined production. The tight-knit connection of production to purchasing and scheduling guarantees seamless material flow with minimized capital commitment and ensures sales orders are fulfilled on time.