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    document management, storage, ERP

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Did you know that your employees spend up to 30 percent of their working time searching for information? Regardless of the industry or company size, a variety of documents play an important role: proposals, delivery notes, invoices, contracts, correspondence, drawings or memos, original hard copy documents and digital files. Decentralized storage of documents in files and e-mail systems, on hard drives and mobile storage devices results in time-consuming searches, redundant storage and inefficient workflows. The abas DMS document management system helps you to manage this increasing flood of information.

Finding, not searching

Business processes can only run smoothly if your employees can access all relevant documents quickly and easily. abas ERP stores all documents – whether scanned hard copy documents or electronic documents – centrally in the DMS, where they can be categorized and linked to orders, projects or customers. You can gain a complete overview of the latest versions of all documents belonging to a business process in just a matter of seconds via a simple search query.