chart recorder / circular / IP66 / multi-channel
C1960 ABB Measurement & Analytics



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    circular, IP66, multi-channel


A multi-recipe profile recorder / controller for applications where advanced ramp / soak profiling control and recording of multiple process parameters is required

The C1960 is designed as a totally self-contained unit with 20 profiles / 99 segments and features such as guaranteed ramp / soak, a dedicated operator display and time events to assign relays / outputs to individual or multiple segments. The recorder / controller is suitable for panel-, wall- or pipe-mounting with NEMA4X/ IP66 enclosure protection as standard.

The C1960 is designed specifically for the food processing, canning, tire manufacturing and dyebeck industries with application areas such as - autoclaves, retort controls, pneumatic upgrades, tire presses, dye beck process, smokehouses and kilns.

Four version of the C1960 are available:
C1961: One controller and one recording pen with control and ramp/soak faceplates
C1962: One controller and two recording pens with control, record and ramp/soak faceplates
C1963: One controller and three recording pens with control, record and ramp/soak faceplates
C1964: Two controllers and two recording pens with two control and one ramp/soak faceplates for Channel 1