beam type load cell / for web tension control / miniature
PFTL301E ABB Measurement & Analytics



  • Form:

    beam type

  • Other characteristics:

    for web tension control, miniature

  • Rated force:

    0.1 kN, 0.5 kN, 0.2 kN, 1 kN

  • Rated load:

    225 lb, 45 lb, 112 lb, 22 lb (102.06 kg)


The Horizontal Mini Series PillowBlock load cells for the web processing industries have the same dimensions as conventional load cells and mount in the same way. But they measure only the horizontal force component of the web tension.

Unlike load cells that measure along the vertical axis, they are not forced to sense the roll weight along with the web tension. So these load cells can be sized to the tension level alone, and function at the high end of their measuring range, where load cells perform best. The result: always optimal tension measurement performance – even when rolls are heavy and tension light.

Quality load cells that eliminates drift and recalibration
Wide operating range
Easy to apply