non-ferrous material thickness gauge / eddy current
PMGG123 ABB Measurement & Analytics



  • Applications:

    for non-ferrous materials

  • Technology:

    eddy current

  • Measuring range:

    Max.: 15 mm

    Min.: 0.01 mm


Contact-free measurement and a robust design makes The Millmate Thickness Gauge a thickness gauge that will provide high availability and hassle-free operation in harsh industrial environment.

The gauge has no fragile parts or parts that will age. Therefore the MTG provides a superior long-term stability. From a maintenance point of view the system is the most dependable thickness gauge on the market.

An aluminium-bronze housing is used as a case for the measuring coils and the electronics. The measured thickness deviation and other signals from the gauge are transferred to a control unit via fieldbus communication.

Only a few certified plates (included in delivery) are needed to calibrate the system to cover the complete measuring range. After calibration at commissioning, the system measures any non-ferrous material or alloy without additional calibration.

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