differential pressure transmitter / membrane / WirelessHART / remote
266DDH ABB Measurement & Analytics



  • Pressure type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    WirelessHART, remote

  • Pressure range:

    Max.: 16,000,000 Pa (2,320.6 psi)

    Min.: 50 Pa (0.01 psi)


266DDH is the differential pressure transmitter with direct-mount diaphragm seal that allows full installation capability.
266DDH features WirelessHART communication.

This transmitter can be configured with a direct mount diaphragm seal and a standard pressure connection or combined with a remote diaphragm seal. In order to show its flexibility, the 266DDH can be transformed into a gauge pressure transmitter by mean of a dedicated gauge filter for atmosphere reference.
Exploit ABB unrivalled leadership in diaphragm seals design and manufacturing:
- no thread joints or gaskets that is prone to fail or drift in time
- less fill volume to achive better temperature effects

In addition to the plug-in terminal block, this transmitter features in-field replaceable electronics module that thanks to the auto-configuration functionality dramatically improves plant productivity. Its intuitive plug-and-play display with easy setup procedure really helps users by saving time and lowering maintenance and inventory costs. Moreover, the innovative TTG (Through The Glass) technology allow users to configure the instruments in the field without removing the windowed front cover and consequently to save a lot of time.